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Manage your business communications through WhatsApp in a simple and unified way all inside your ZOHO CRM

With the extension of Woztell in your ZOHO CRM, you are able to see who of your team, is sending the WhatsApp messages, not only this you also can see the message, and when your team sends it. Imagine you can control all the WhatsApp communications of your company.

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Features Integration of Zoho CRM & WhatsApp Business Verified

WhatsApp messages delivery status inside your ZOHO CRM
Check the status of your outgoing WhatsApp messages and verify if they were sent, delivered, read or rejected.

Optional failover to SMS
This emergency procedure automatically sends an SMS to your customers if they didn’t receive your WhatsApp message.

Team Work in WhatsApp using your CRM
Use Woztell in a collaborative way.
Add multiple team members in the same conversation of WhatsApp
and assign work tasks simply and quickly. Your team will never use
again his personal WhatsApp to reply your company.

Multi-platform and multi-device
Woztell integration of ZOHO CRM and WhatsApp Business works from different platforms and can be used on your device of choice, whether it’s a pc, tablet, or smartphone. Your teammates, will never used again his personal WhatsApp Account to get in touch with the clients. All can be done in the same WhatsApp Business Verified Account.


Bulk template sending

Send and receive unlimited WhatsApp messages and learn
how to get the most out of this new business tool using
your ZOHO CRM.

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control equipo whatsappquipo whatsapp



Event invitation

WorkFlows based on incoming WhatsApp messages

Automate replies and actions based on message content
and save time on your customer care.

WhatsApp Messages automation

Send automated messages and start a conversation with your
actual and potential customers, attracting their interest in a new way.


Use Zoho CRM to plan your WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Create targeted marketing campaigns sending WhatsApp Messages Templates selecting leads or existing contacts in your ZOHO CRM and customize the message date and time.

External URL to shared files inside your CRM

Search the contact tab for the links to the received files and avoid loading unnecessary Mbytes.

Related view in lead/contact

View all sent and received WhatsApp messages by any user in your CRM.


New conversation alerts

Easily identify new incoming WhatsApp messages and the amount of pending unread messages.

Sales signal

Visualize and manage in a single place all WhatsApp messages, newsletter and email openings, calls and more from your customers.



Integrate Zoho CRM & WhatsApp Business Verified

Send WhatsApp Template Message in your ZOHO CRM

With Woztell you can Verify your WhatsApp Business Account and send template message, to start conversations with your potential clients. According to the rules of WhatsApp, you can send Template Messages in more than 10 categories, for example Account Update, Appointment Update, etc. This feature is available in our Push plan, check here.

For example, use the templates to notify your clients of the payment Update.


Notify your clients with your Verified WhatsApp Account

With the extension of Woztell, in our Push plan, you will have the possibility to communicate with your clients in using two different kinds of templates Plain text templates and media templates.

The categories permitted by WhatsApp are Account Update, Alert Update, Appointment Update, Issue Resolution, Payment Update, Personal Finance Update, Reservation Update, Shipping Update, Ticket Update, and Transportation Update.


Block Contact option

Block a certain WhatsApp contact from receiving and sending messages and avoid storing the data in your system

Opt-Out option

Avoid sending WhatsApp messages to customers who are not interested in this channel.

Why to integrate WhatsApp Business Verified with your ZOHO CRM?

The way we’ve been doing marketing and sales is broken. It was created for a world that no longer exists. Right now WhatsApp hits 2 billion users globally and has open rates from more than 98% percent according to different studies around the world. For Example according to different studies, more than 46% percent of the companies use WhatsApp only to Customer Care, but the data only stays in WhatsApp. Imagine that you can exploit that data, and have real Conversational Marketing with your clients using your CRM.
WhatsApp works not only to give customer support but also there are more than 10 different categories approved by WhatsApp Corp. where you can start conversations with Templates with your clients like Account Update, Appointment Update, etc.
So, ¿Why to integrate WhatsApp Business Verified with your ZOHO CRM? because you can have the traceability of the Information in your ZOHO CRM. This is really powerful because you will have all the history of the message inside your ZOHO CRM. Also if you use the integration of Woztell your teammates, will never use this personal WhatsApp to operate your business, because with the same WhatsApp all your teammates, can have access to the integration, and start working with this.

A solution for Teams who use WhatsApp and Zoho CRM

In more than 128 countries WhatsApp is the favorite application of communications. So if you are in these countries you will have surely WhatsApp on your mobile. The integration of WhatsApp with Zoho CRM it’s based on the principle of Team Work in the same WhatsApp Business Verified account.
For example, you are the owner of a Real Estate Agency, all your Sales Team are working in this own WhatsApp account associated with his mobile, and in the same WhatsApp where they received the notifications of the Family, is where they are attending the clients of the company. And then if your Real Estate Agency has a CRM, they go and associate the next task in the best case you can have a follow-up task to make the next steps.
There we found two big problems: Your system doesn’t have traceability of the information and the teamwork doesn’t exist.

With the integration of Woztell your team only work in the Verified WhatsApp Business Account in his own mobile, this will help them to focus in the business messages, and have complete traceability of the information, because all the message they send is going to be in Zoho CRM in the Customer File.

WhatsApp with ZOHO CRM: The perfect couple

This might be the best thing you will read today. Woztell has created an integration that fully connects Zoho with WhatsApp — yes, you’re hearing it right.

With more than 50 million users globally and 40+ integrated applications, ZOHO is one of the most powerful and loved CRMs on the market. With Woztell, you will be able to fully integrate your WhatsApp account within your ZOHO CRM, ZOHO One, ZOHO Desk, and others ZOHO apps.. This means no need to download WhatsApp Web or switch between different tabs and applications to manage your company’s WhatsApp conversations.

Why integrating WhatsApp with ZOHO?

We felt there was a real need to create a well-developed and functional integration between WhatsApp and ZOHO. With Woztell, you will be able to message leads, contacts, customers and more on WhatsApp directly from your CRM. Woztell uses ZOHO Cliq’s interface for instant messaging and automatically stores all messages and data shared during the conversations inside the system.

Woztell features you’ll love

As a ZOHO user, you know how important it is to have everything in one place. That’s why you will love these features.

Related view in Leads/Contacts

View all sent and received WhatsApp messages directly inside your Lead or Contact tab. Access media and files shared during the conversation with a simple click to an external URL and avoid loading your CRM with unnecessary MBytes.

Workflows based on incoming messages

Depending on your CRM ability, you’ll be able to automate replies and actions based on the content of the incoming messages. This way, you’ll save time on your replies and you’ll improve your customer service.

Marketing campaigns planning

With Woztell, you’ll be able to create a targeted WhatsApp marketing campaign to your selected Leads or Contacts and customize the message, date and time of the campaign.


Woztell will be integrated with SalesSignal, allowing you to visualize and manage all WhatsApp messages altogether with emails, calls and more from your customers in one place.

Optional failover to SMS

It might happen that your customer doesn’t have any internet connection or coverage. No worries, Woztell will automatically send an SMS to them in case their WhatsApp message hasn’t been delivered within a certain amount of time. This is a very useful tool when you’re sending out important information to your customers (such as flight information, pending payments, etc.)

Block contact & opt-out option

Woztell has an option to block contacts from receiving and sending messages in case they’ve been sending inappropriate content. You also have the option for opt-out, which will avoid sending WhatsApp content to customers who are not interested in this channel.

We’re WhatsApp API Official Business Solution Provider


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