STEP 0/16: What do I need to install the TRIAL

You have to use one of this ZOHO CRM plans

  • ZOHO CRM Enterprise edition
  • CRM included in ZOHO ONE
  • CRM included in ZOHO CRM Plus
  • ZOHO CRM Enterprise Trial Version
  • ZOHO CRM and ZOHO CLIQ Superadmin has to be the same

You have to use one of this ZOHO CLIQ plans

  • ZOHO CLIQ Enterprise
  • CLIQ included in ZOHO ONE
  • CLIQ included in ZOHO WORKPLACE
  • Google Chrome Browser: last version or similar
  • Free ZOHO CLIQ for your smartphone or tablet

STEP 1/16: Log in with your ZOHO super admin

  1. Log In to your ZOHO CRM account with your superadmin Access
  2. Make a click:
    • This link if you use ZOHO.COM servers
    • This link if you use ZOHO.EU servers
    • This link if you use ZOHO.IN servers
    • This link if you use ZOHO.COM.AU servers

STEP 2/16: Start the installation


You must accept the Terms of Service, Authorize WOZTELL Free Demo and press “Continue”


STEP 3/16: Choose users and profiles

Choose who will use the WOZTELL Demo and press “Continue”

(We recommend “install for all users” if you want to use it with your colleagues


STEP 4/16: Authorize the integration

It will inly work if you press Authorize. If by mistake you choose “Signup” you must stop, uninstall and start again.



STEP 5/16: Accept the Popup Window



STEP 6/16: Authorize the Woztell connector

Press Next and Finish


STEP 7/16: Write 0 in both Extension settings

This extension will be updated if you subscribe to Woztell and start using in real mode.


STEP 8/16: Go to the ZOHO CRM marketplace settings to activate the extension

Go to setup in the CRM in the section “Marketplace” then select “All”.
At the “Installed” list, open Woztell extension named “VERIFIED WHATSAPP BUSINESS FOR ZOHO CRM by WOZTELL” and press “Settings”.


At the “settings”, press “Activate”


STEP 9/16: Start the Zoho cliq extension installation

Press “Accept”


STEP 10/16: Share the WhatsApp number of your “fictitious customer”

During the trial, we will create a fictitious customer. This is a contact named John Woztell, and you will find him in your CRM. The idea is that you can send and receive messages as “John WoztelL” from your mobile, to your CRM.
You don’t have a WhatsApp verified number? We can loan our number to your CRM for the test.
By sending us your code we will understand what messages we must link to your CRM.


STEP 11/16: Send the code from your WhatsApp number

Use your WhatsApp mobile and get a feedback message

whatsapp trial

STEP 12/16: Woztell has linked our mobile number to John Woztell

After you send the message, we know who you are and we have created “John Woztell” in your CRM with this number as a contact.
Please remember that TRIAL will never send or receive messages from/to another number: this is a demo that works with your mobile as the fictitious customer.

Zoho_CRM_WhatsApp10 (1)

STEP 13/16: Select who can access inside Cliq extension

We recommend you authorize the entire organization. You can limit access later to specific teams as you see fit.


If installing for the 1st time press “Install”, if you are updating press “Update”

STEP 14/16: Finish the installation

We recommend you authorize the entire organization. You can limit access later to specific teams as you see fit.


You got it! Press “Take me to Cliq” and start to send whatsapps!

STEP 15/16: What can I do?

  1. All your ZOHO CLIQ users will send and receive whatsapp messages from your verified whatsapp number
  2. You will send and receive text, images, videos, and other file messages
  3. Woztell has created a Demo Contact named “John Woztell“ in your CRM
  4. You will be able to see all your messages:
    • In your ZOHO CLIQ in CHANNEL “John Woztell“
    • In your CRM in a related view inside the Contact record of “John Woztell“
    • Using the Search box in your CRM, CLIQ, Mail, or other ZOHO tools

STEP 16/16: Start sending and receiving messages

All your ZOHO CLIQ users will send and receive whatsapp messages from your verified whatsapp number

Now to start chatting go to your CRM:

  • Open the Contact “John Woztell“ and press the button “Send WhatsApp”, or go to CLIQ and look for this channel on the left side.
  • To send a WhatsApp in your CLIQ typer command “/w” and after space put your message
  • To get more help about how to use WOZTELL use the command “/w –help”