This is why Zoho CRM for small business is the best option 

Guess what? We’ve done our research and come to the conclusion that Zoho CRM for small businesses is the best choice because it offers comprehensive marketing, sales and service functions in one place. Read on to learn more about this software.

CRM software is a competitive field, as there are dozens of quality brands competing for small businesses in need of a CRM solution. If you own one, you can be more selective and make sure you get the best CRM system for your specific needs. In this case, given our experience and research, we are going to explain why Zoho CRM for small business is the best choice. Don’t waste any more time and find out why below.

Should small businesses use a CRM?

CRM systems are software that help record and manage all of your company’s interactions with your existing and potential customers. The main objective of these tools is to help build better business relationships, improve customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

So, if you’re asking if small businesses should use a CRM, the answer is: yes.

This type of customer management software provides the ability to make the most of time, which is crucial for small business growth.

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Why Zoho CRM for small businesses is the best choice

Zoho CRM is Zoho’s primary CRM platform and is also our top-rated choice for small businesses, given our experience and research.

As we mentioned, Zoho CRM offers many features covering sales, marketing and customer service. We consider this platform to be the best option because it is very complete, fast and is easy to set up and use, even for beginners.

In addition, it has a free trial option that allows you to savor all the advantages that Zoho CRM for small businesses has, in addition to quality customer support. This is represented in a continuous assistance and the possibility to talk to one of their agents to attend a live demo of the software.

And, once you decide to use it for your company, you can customize it to create new types of objects, allowing you to store any type of information that is relevant to your company.

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Benefits of implementing Zoho CRM for small businesses

Small businesses will benefit from Zoho CRM’s ability to store customer/supplier data, improve customer interaction and increase conversion rates. Below we will review other benefits of implementing Zoho CRM for small businesses.

Customization options

Zoho’s development services offer many customization options to businesses, so you can add conditional fields, custom buttons and change page layouts and more.

This software can also integrate with a number of social networking tools and third-party applications (such as our own integration with Zoho CRM).


One of the main features of this CRM is the option to create automated conversation flows.

What do we mean by “conversation flows”? In this case we are talking about a series of actions that are automatically triggered when a number of criteria are met.

For example, you could set up a workflow where an automatic welcome message is sent, the contact is registered as a lead, and a WhatsApp template is sent to the contact.

All automatically and just by configuring it in Zoho CRM.

Provides important data in real time

With Zoho’s software solutions, companies can make use of historical data and can distinguish and target inactive leads to realign their customer messages. This CRM becomes the necessary aid for small businesses to make smart commercial decisions.

Make the most of social networks

An increasing number of customers today come from social networks, so it is necessary to invest in a CRM that connects our products/services with these platforms. With Zoho CRM you can track customer behaviors from these platforms. You can also make categorizations for leads and contacts.

Mobile option

Zoho CRM application can be accessed on mobile devices (Android/iOS). Therefore, companies can better monitor customers from remote locations.

Now they can send invitations and/or access sales records from a smart phone, anything is possible.

Some Zoho CRM numbers for small businesses

In a world dominated by Cost Per Action (CPA) and Return on Investment (ROI), these are metrics to always keep in mind. Especially for small businesses, it is critical to find affordable CRM solutions that help productivity and sales.

In this case, Zoho CRM offers a free version with an allowance for three users and four paid plans ranging from $14 to $45 per user, per month with annual billing.

Besides its standard pricing plans, Zoho CRM also offers two special editions: Zoho Bigin and CRM Plus.

Zoho Bigin has a free version and a paid plan that starts at $7 per user, per month with annual billing. It is a pipeline-focused CRM with basic features designed especially for small businesses.  

CRM Plus, meanwhile, costs $50 per user, per month with annual billing, and offers tools for a help desk, campaign management, analytics and social media marketing.

To sum up

Zoho CRM is a simple yet full-featured CRM solution that was created especially for small and medium-sized businesses. If you are new to using CRM, you can easily customize the system to make it as simple as you want and, if you are an expert, you won’t get tired of the features available to drive your company’s growth.

We hope this article about Zoho CRM can help you choose the right software for your company. If you want to learn more about Zoho, check out this free ebook about WhatsApp and Zoho.

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