WhatsApp and Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM and WhatsApp

Optimize your marketing efforts and accelerate your sales with WOZTELL and ZOHO CRM.

WhatsApp and Zoho CRM Integration

Over 500 users and hundreds of ZOHO CRM partners use WOZTELL for their WhatsApp communications.

Why integrate WhatsApp with Zoho CRM?

Sell more and better! Multiple WhatsApp numbers, multi-agents, AI chatbots, integrations with basic and custom modules, flow rules, marketing analytics, mass messaging, and more…

At WOZTELL, we created the first market integration in 2019 with WhatsApp Cloud API and ZOHO CRM. We offer a conversational suite to help you get the most out of ZOHO CRM and WhatsApp.

You can also create amazing AI chatbots for WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchats.

Zoho CRM y WhatsApp

Advanced features you’ll love about WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM with WOZTELL

Integration with custom modules
Advanced WhatsApp analytics within ZOHO CRM
Chatbots that fill in data on customer records
Mobile version to send and receive messages
One number or multiple numbers across all ZOHO

Integration with WhatsApp and ZOHO CRM ready to use

Chatbot WhatsApp sales

WOZTELL and ZOHO CRM are the perfect match to improve your sales results. Enhance your company’s communications through WOZTELL easily and unify within your Zoho CRM.

With the WOZTELL extension for WhatsApp and Zoho CRM, your team can:

Automatically create leads and contacts from customer-initiated conversations.
Start a conversation directly from the customer’s record and review their history without leaving the record.
Configure all rules and workflows in Z.C and across the ZOHO suite.
Create and activate chatbots for primary responses with artificial intelligence that perfectly interacts with your predefined and personalized modules.
Advanced analytics for attribution, marketing, and agents.

Increase your engagement while you attribute your leads to each WhatsApp

WhatsApp Marketing in ZOHO CRM

Increase your engagement while you attribute your leads to each WhatsApp

Integrating WOZTELL with ZOHO CRM for Marketing allows you to optimize everything from lead generation to retention. This combination allows you to manage everything more efficiently and effectively.

Generate campaigns and perfectly attribute conversions in ZOHO CRM.
Detailed Analytics: Set up custom dashboards to measure the impact of your WhatsApp messages.
Smart Chatbots powered with GPT
Customized Mass Shipments
Dynamic Lead Nurturing
Increase your engagement while you attribute your leads to each WhatsApp
official integration with zoho marketplace

Official integration with Zoho marketplace


Ready to integrate Zoho CRM with WhatsApp and transform your customer management?

With WOZTELL and the integration of Zoho CRM and WhatsApp Cloud API, you’re one step away from taking your business to the next level. Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your processes and improve customer relationships.

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