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You know Zapier.

Zapier is the best tool to integrate everything with everything. It allows you to send data from google sheet to your CRM or from WooCommerce to your email. 

All the information you have can travel from one environment to another.

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Now with Zapier and Woztell, we make it possible for WhatsApp messages to travel between your systems and users.


Imagine that you want a WhatsApp message to generate a record in a Google Sheet or that a reply in WhatsApp is saved in your email and creates an alert to someone to do something.

These types of triggers and processes are activated because you receive a WhatsApp message. These actions are possible to use using Zapier and the WhatsApp API.

zapier & WhatsApp

What do you need to start working with WhatsApp and Zapier?

  1. WhatsApp API. You will be registered and you will have access with an official license to the WhatsApp API.
  2. Account in Zapier. You need to have a Zapier account. We recommend having a premium account to have the maximum speed in the processing of messages.
  3. Design your processes. From here you can design your processes and automate operations from WhatsApp messages.

Here, you have some examples of integrations between WhatsApp and Zapier.

When can you use Zapier and WhatsApp?

You have an event and you want to send a reminder to the users who have registered.

With an excel or a list of registered users, you can send an automated message using Zapier. 

You want the client to receive his budget before a commercial offer.

The client receives a message about a commercial offer, responds positively, receives a proposal that generates your budget system. Did you know that you can send documents in your WhatsApp messages?

Why not connect Slack with WhatsApp?

You can make Slack become a communication channel connected to WhatsApp. Your tech support team is happy at Slack and you don’t want them to break their routine. Your clients are on WhatsApp and need support on that channel. Bring these two worlds together using our Zapier connector for WhatsApp.

Notifications of your e-commerce to your clients under any event.

Has your client left the purchase halfway? Your client hasn’t added extra products at a special price in his purchase? Do you have news for your clients? Now is the best time to use our Zapier connector with WhatsApp to make your online store sell non-stop. 

Connect a Google Forms.

So that when someone fills in the form (if they ask for the mobile) a WhatsApp is sent to the client thanking them for registering.

Beyond process automation > Conversations

What you can achieve with these processes that link Zapier with WhatsApp is a level of contact with your customers that goes beyond the automation of statuses.

You get processes that were previously complicated to manuals are now present in the channel where your customers are most active, WhatsApp.

That your notification process, reminders and confirmations are processed from your systems but end up in the client’s WhatsApp, making everything more efficient.

Especially for processes close to real-time (such as confirmations of medical appointments, confirmation of attendance at events, reminders of tuition payments, subscription payments, online event entrance payments…), email is not an operating system.

The only system that connects with your customers in real-time is WhatsApp, and this exclusive Woztell Zapier connector allows you to make your systems more efficient and with a substantial ROI improvement compared to any other notification system.


10 examples of Zapier connectors that you can start using with WhatsApp

Stripe + WhatsApp

This is one of the most popular payment systems.

You can send a notification to your customers when a payment is made effectively.

The objective is that your clients receive an immediate notification of their payment.

In events, auctions, face-to-face payments … you need the customer to receive an immediate notification of payment.

Paypal + WhatsApp

In the case of Paypal, we can be in a scenario similar to that of Stripe.

Paypal is so easy to use that it’s a favourite for many businesses for many international payment options.

The peace of mind that confirmation with WhatsApp offers helps build trust in your customers.

Facebook ads + WhatsApp

You have a campaign that is generating leads.

Send a WhatsApp to your commercials so they know they have a new contact to attend to.

Send a welcome message to your customers.

Notifying in real-time to manage campaigns allows you to accelerate sales in your business.

Typeform + WhatsApp

Typeform is a perfect tool for getting contacts.

It allows you a personalized design and configuration so that your clients can send you the relevant information for your campaign.

Google Sheet // Google form + WhatsApp

You don’t have a Google form, but you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of contacts not doing anything in your database.

Send them a WhatsApp to reactivate your database.

Get your customers back in contact with you.

WhatsApp is the channel.

WooCommerce + WhatsApp

For online stores, notifying the customer when a payment is made, when a product has left, when a product has been delivered are essential parts of the process and the whole shopping experience.

A WhatsApp will make this experience more gratifying.

Shopify + WhatsApp

Shopify is one of the online sales platforms that has grown the most in recent years.

Being so easy to use, it’s 100% online experience has made many companies adopt this platform for their online sales.

Now you can complete the experience with WhatsApp notifications.

PrestaShop + WhatsApp

Especially in Europe Prestashop is a CMS that manages online stores.

Now is the time to incorporate WhatsApp into the services you offer.

Inform your clients more efficiently and directly.

Better purchases, better support, better customers.

Hubspot + WhatsApp

Hubspot is a CRM for businesses of all sizes.

What happens when these companies mostly work with final customers?

Insurance, utilities, fashion brands … in the end, your clients are individuals who need communication management to be through WhatsApp.

Make WhatsApp a relevant channel for your customers by sending notifications for events of renewal, update, purchase, registration, cancellation …

Your customers will be better informed and therefore more satisfied.

SugarCRM + WhatsApp

With SugarCRM, you can do the same as with SalesForce but using this CRM more accessible than SalesForce.

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.