Business communications are important for the functioning of the company

WOZTELL helps you to optimize your business communications in an excellent way. For example, with this functionality, you are going to be able to communicate simultaneously between teammates and clients. That is, you can be communicating with a client or lead, and at the same time, other members of the company can see the same conversation.

This implies great advantages for different areas of the association. One benefit would be that you’ll be able to see the conversations that are taking place in real-time between -customer service agents or sales agents- and customers or leads. 

For example, if we have designed a sales strategy, we can see in real-time how the strategy is being completed. We can also qualify the agents in real-time using those conversations as training. There, we can make adjustments and improvements built on what those conversations are taking place and learn that to improve.

Business communications apply to what is happening with customer service. If we have a customer service methodology, we can improve it. Human resources can be trained in a more practical way.

Not to mention the advantages we can achieve when thinking of new marketing and sales strategies. By observing the behavior of customers and leads, we can look at the effectiveness of certain campaigns that we are developing. So, we can reach inputs to improve and optimize future campaigns.

From day 1 that you acquire WOZTELL, you’ll gain plenty of benefits. It is an approach to consolidate the company’s departments. One of the problems that take place in business is the compartmentalisation or rigid division of departments. In addition, flexibility and communication between, for example, marketing, sales, logistics, and customer service is highly recommended.

For instance, if a customer raises an issue… the customer service department may be communicating in real-time with the customer who is placing the order and the agent communicates with the logistics department. Thus, conversations become more flexible and each department can see exactly what the customer is asking for.

On the other hand, the client receives better attention because the client or lead does not know that there are others who see the conversation in real-time and simultaneously.

To this extent, a supervisor can not only control good drills but can give guidelines in real-time according to what he sees in the conversations.

With this kind of tool, you will have an effective weapon against short circuits in an organized communication. It is known that “noise” or short circuits in organizations are frequent. These communication problems end up affecting organizational functioning. Consequently, this type of tool like WOZTELL is so important for a company.

A company that works in a fragmented way ends up developing a pathology. It is as if we were thinking about person health or a society. When we have a company that works unified, with healthy communication channels between its members, then the best is achieved.

Besides, this kind of tool will help you to have more and better information for the client. Thereby, you will achieve more sales and loyalty from your customers. If you can get several departments involved in a conversation at the same time, the agent who is holding the conversation will receive more support. This support will be perceived by the customer or lead and will make the difference between a sale or not. Or between an insecure customer and a loyal customer who is happy.

So with this functionality for business communications, you will achieve:

  • Improve sales.
  • Optimize communications.
  • Study and investigate agents’ behavior.
  • Evaluate marketing strategies and improve them.
  • Analyze customer service.
  • Facilitate better communication between the departments of the company.
  • Offer better customer service.
  • Create new sales strategies and techniques.
  •  better logistics strategies.
  • Develop better customer service behaviors
  • Follow up on communications.
  • Indicate in real-time concrete guidelines from managers to agents.

Here you can see more features of this tool that integrates WhatsApp for Business into your CRM: WOZTELL features. Contact us for more information about WOZTELL in order to improve your business communications.

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