Communicating with your leads now is easier than ever with WhatsApp and Zoho

Your marketing strategies will skyrocket with a tool that includes everything you need to simplify and make effective every conversation.

the combination of WhatsApp, WOZTELL and Zoho for your communications.

broadcast messages to reach your customers

You want your best results, and you can get them by sending broadcast messages to your customers. Send messages on the channels your customers already use and get a 30% increase in your personalized push campaigns.

Chatbots that automate your conversions

Streamline your communications to respond to customers 24/7 with multichannel chatbot automations. With our platform, you’ll have access to a gallery of templates that you can edit and have up and running in minutes.

woztell cliq chatbot
WhatsApp Business platform

The most powerful version of WhatsApp

Send dynamic templates with buttons to your customers in the channel that gets a 98% open rate of communications. Your customers’ favorite application will become the most successful.

Zoho and WhatsApp to boost your results

Our integration with Zoho Cliq and Zoho CRM allows you to make the most of your WhatsApp and Zoho accounts. Automate conversations, control your information and improve your marketing campaigns.

woztell crm integration whatsapp

Do you want more sales with WhatsApp?

Get the full potential of WhatsApp and Zoho with our Freemium Plan

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