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Your marketing strategies will skyrocket with a tool that includes push notifications, WhatsApp Business Platform and chatbot templates all in one platform.

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Get a solution that makes you stand out among your competitors

Make your business approachable and easy to talk with the combination of WhatsApp, WOZTELL and Zoho for your communications. Direct them to your WhatsApp conversation and start qualifying leads.

Turn your conversations into customers

If you want to increase your customers, make the most of your conversations and sell more, WOZTELL is the way to do it.

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Zoho and WhatsApp to boost your results

Our integration with Zoho Cliq and Zoho CRM allows you to make the most of your WhatsApp and Zoho accounts. Automate conversations, control your information and improve your marketing campaigns.

Do you want more sales with WhatsApp?

Get the 98% open rate of the Whatsapp Platform and the full potential of Zoho with our Freemium Plan.

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