If you are a ZOHO user, you should know what options you have available to use official WhatsApp integrated into your ZOHO ONE. Our future clients often tell us that they have tried out the integration of ZOHO DESK with Twilio or that certain companies want to sell them a customized development with the MessageBird API.

The first thing you must know is that all three of these options are official, meaning that all three companies are WhatsApp Business Solution Providers, so you would be using WhatsApp official in each instance and your account would not be blocked by WhatsApp due to bad practices.

The difference lies in what each integration has to offer. WOZTELL’s goal, when referring to ZOHO users, is to offer their clients a unique solution that will meet all their needs: automated notification sending, management of agent conversations, and the creation of Chatbots for different channels.

The integrations with ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Desk, and ZOHO Cliq launched by WOZTELL in 2019, and the integration with ZOHO Flow in 2020, guarantee ZOHO users that: all conversations are registered within the tool, ease in the creation of automation through workflows, and speed in the analysis of data with the app ZOHO Analytics.

What to do if you need to use WhatsApp in an application other than ZOHO ONE?

In this case, you can use ZOHO Flow to integrate your ZOHO app with Woztell; this way you can send WhatsApp messages from any app.

What if I need to use WhatsApp with a different App?

Here we suggest two options:

  1. ZOHO Flow is a solution that interconnects more than 500 applications, allowing you to send and receive WhatsApp messages
  2. If you want to integrate your tools directly with WhatsApp, and you prefer to use Webhooks and endpoints, you can use Woztell web services.

In any case, at WOZTELL we want you to know that if you use ZOHO, we have created the most complete and best thought-out solution for your company or your customers’ company. We are so sure of this we have created this comparison for you. Want to see a WOZTELL demo? Request it through our WhatsApp HERE.

  WOZTELL Twilio MessageBird
Monthly  USD 99 Variable 50/150/?
Pay   Per   Use >1000  MAU > 1  MAU 500/1500/?
ZOHO Desk Yes Beta No
ZOHO Cliq Yes No No
ZOHO Flow Yes No No
Session Messages Free Paid Paid
Own  number Yes No No
Global number Yes Some countries Some countries
Multi number ZOHO Yes No No
Push Templates ZOHO Unlimited No No
Bot to ZOHO agent Yes No No

Do you want to communicate with your customers in their favorite channel and boost your results?

With Woztell you can automate tasks, work with multiple agents and phone numbers and measure your marketing, sales, operations and customer service efforts in their favourite channel: WhatsApp.