10 types of WhatsApp message templates

Today we have 10 types of WhatsApp message templates which allows us to customize each message according to what we want to communicate. This tool allows you to comply with WhatsApp standards and have professional communications with your customers.

These templates will allow you to have lists of communications with your current and potential customers. But first you need to know a few more things about this communications system. Pay attention to what follows and then you will see different types of templates to be adopted in your commercial communications.

We have several ways to contact customers through WhatsApp Business, including message templates, and you can use the customer service window that the customer initiates. When we want to start the conversation ourselves, we use message templates after receiving the customer’s consent.

Let’s differentiate two types of messages.

On the one hand, we have the customer service window that is activated for 24 hours when the customer contacts us. During this time, message templates and session messages can be sent to the client.

Session messages are personalized messages that are sent in response to a query we received from a client. Remember that these can only be sent for 24 hours from the client’s first contact. Don’t worry, you will have all these aspects covered by the professional CRM that you integrate with WhatsApp. In this way, you can have a professional business relationship that will give your business measurable benefits.

Type of message template approved by a client

First, we have the message templates that are messages that have been authorized by a client in advance. This means that we must have the client’s consent to be able to send these messages. Here is what Woztell is going to show off by offering you the best templates to handle in these messages.

This message template can have a maximum of 4096 characters. The message is customizable by means of dynamic fields. These dynamic fields can have numbers, letters, spaces, and specific characters. Let’s see an example for clarity:

“Thank you for your purchase. We will contact you when your order is ready to be shipped, it is possible to track your order if you click here. Have a great day!”

This way, you will be able to customize and use different message templates to apply through Woztell. You can save new message templates by providing the template name, dynamic fields and the label that relates to the message.

With these 10 types of templates, you will be able to have your communication with the client ready, as well as automate these communication processes.

  • First contact templates: where the customer requests information about some of your products. Therefore, these templates are very important because we are talking about the first contact of a potential customer with your company. Here you must be very careful and effective. Furthermore, a good response on your behalf will impact on your customer’s behavior.
  • “Thank you templates” for purchases as well as “post-sale information”: they are also noteworthy, but in this case the importance is that the customer notice that you are still there after you have trusted your company to buy a product.
  • Promotional templates with existing customers who have given their consent to receive messages from your company. As a result, you have the opportunity to repeat sales with existing customers or with previous purchases.
  • Surveys: because these are crucial to segment your customers, know their tastes and to be aware of their opinion about your company and your products too.

More types of WhatsApp templates messages options

  • Support. It is essential to have professional support so that your customers are not abandoned.
  • Congratulations on your birthday. Who doesn’t like to be greeted on their birthday?
  • Congratulations on fulfilling a certain time as a customer. Recognizing a customer for counting on your company is something distinguished and constructive. Therefore, your client will feel accompanied by your company.
  • Congratulations on reaching a certain amount of purchases and being a loyal customer. Similarly, as above, it’s a way to keep track of your customers.
  • Greetings for festivities: Christmas, New Year and so on.
  • Sweepstakes and promotions.
  • New products and launches.

Finally, let’s say that all these types of WhatsApp message templates will help you to have your communications ready. Subsequently, you can modify, improve or add more of them depending on how you are carrying out different marketing strategies. So, take advantage of these WhatsApp message templates and start improving your business.

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