10 types of WhatsApp message templates

WhatsApp automatic messages are useful for companies of any size to guarantee the speed of their responses. In this post, you will learn about the best types of WhatsApp message templates for automatic responses.

Today more than ever, the presence of a business on WhatsApp is no longer an option, but rather a necessity for businesses and customers. However, not all companies are ready to provide proper customer service or sales service through messaging apps.

One of the most valuable options that companies currently have is implementing automatic messages in the WhatsApp Business. They are templates created to reduce response times and improve service quality. Here’s all about these types of WhatsaApp message templates and how you can make the most out of them.

Two types of WhatsApp message

There are two types of WhatsApp Business API messages. Let’s see how they differ and when it is necessary to use one or the other.

Session messages

When a WhatsApp user makes the first contact with a company, WhatsApp creates a 24-hour session. In this window, the company will be able to respond using personalized texts, multimedia content, templates, and other types of messages.
These messages can reach up to 4096 characters maximum, and the information and content is up to the company to decide.

Another point to highlight is that all messages sent within this session are free. In addition, the 24-hour session is renewed with each new message sent by the client.

Template messages

These are the templates that make the difference for many businesses.

They are a type of messages preconfigured by the company and approved by WhatsApp for use.

When it’s time to start a conversation, or even reopen a new one, this is the message that business have to send. It’s important to remember that in these cases, the company must have prior approval from users to receive notifications.


The different versions of WhatsApp Business Platform

If you are looking to use WhatsApp for marketing, you need to know the difference between the basic WhatsApp app, WhatsApp Business, and the WhatsApp Business Platform (formerly known as WhatsApp Business API).

They are three different tools aimed at different users.

It is crucial to choose the type of WhatsApp solution that best suits the size of your company and your needs. Let’s take a look at the available options.

Whatsapp Messenger

he basic WhatsApp application is intended for personal use and is free. Like any other messaging application, it allows communication through individual and group chats.

However, WhatsApp Messenger falls short for a company, as it has no automation options, and you can only talk to the contacts saved on the phone.

Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Business is designed exclusively for small companies. Provides basic communication tools for businesses looking for a solution to answer questions and take orders via chat.

This version allows businesses to upload a catalogue and create tags to categorize customers.

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is WhatsApp’s solution for businesses with higher requirements. It is different from the other versions because the API connects two different software programs to work together.

The best? It allows access to all WhatsApp marketing tools and is designed for medium and large companies and uses the platform’s interface to which it connects (Microsoft Teams, Cliq, Slack…).

The main feature of this version is the delivery of dynamic templates with buttons and list messages that take business conversations to a whole new level.

Another noteworthy feature of the WhatsApp Business Platform is that all agents can manage communication simultaneously, unlike the classic WhatsApp app where only one person can respond to messages at a time.

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Why use these types of WhatsApp messages for your business?

Setting up automatic replies on WhatsApp is one of the easiest options for responding to customers.

WhatsApp Business Platform makes it possible for users to engage more through interactive messages.

This version is also an ideal channel to support customers and launch marketing campaigns. So, it is possible to reach their phones directly and get them to open messages instantly, unlike email.

Furthermore, this version offers a lot of messaging options that you can add to your marketing strategy: multimedia messages, list messages and dynamic templates.

Do you need more reasons? Because we have them.


As we said, the API version can be integrated into softwares such as a CRM, facilitating customer service and closing sales. You can send messages directly from the CRM and track information, creating a stronger link with the brand.

Moreover, the API has an added value for the commercial process.

Since being able to integrate WhatsApp into the CRM, you can carry out a more effective sale by knowing the client state.


One of the main features of the API is automation.

Although the standard WhatsApp Business allows limited automated responses, with the API you can create chatbots and messages with buttons for immediate attention without limiting service hours.


Automated messages and templates help businesses speed up their customer interactions, but what happens when a customer writes outside of business hours?

You don’t have to worry about the answer, because the chatbot will reply for you!

The most viable solution for companies that want to provide a complete service 24/7 is integrating a chatbot into their digital channel.

When you integrate a chatbot into WhatsApp, the customer response time decreases from 2 hours down to 1 minute. This has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and sales level.

Remember: to create the WhatsApp chatbot you’ll need to business a provider like WOZTELL to implement it to the API.

10 best types of WhatsApp message templates

Message templates for WhatsApp businesses can become your best allies to streamline communication with your client.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to structure these messages. This is why we are going to show you our top 10 template message types to schedule your messages on WhatsApp Business Platform:

  1. First contact templates: where the customer requests information about some of your products.
  2. “Thank you templates” for purchases as well as “post-sale information”
  3. Promotional templates with existing customers who have given their consent to receive messages from your company.
  4. Surveys: because these are crucial to segment your customers, know their tastes and to be aware of their opinion about your company and your products too.
  5. Support: It is essential to have professional support so that your customers don’t feel abandoned.
  6. Congratulations on your birthday or congratulations for customer events such as: fulfilling a certain time as a customer, reaching a certain amount of purchases or being a loyal customer.
  7. Greetings for festivities: Christmas, New Year and so on.
  8. Sweepstakes and promotions.
  9. New products and launches.
  10. Purchase reminders to offer some type of promotion with a limited time.

How to send WhatsApp templates from Zoho

To boost replies in services and sales channels, it’s key to use a CRM such as Zoho.

Our integration allows people to receive and send templates from Zoho CRM and Zoho Cliq.

By integrating WhatsApp with Zoho CRM and Cliq, you can send automated and individual messages to customers, which reduces the time spent on sending these types of WhatsApp messages.

Now, how can you do it?

The integration allows you to have several agents who communicate directly with customers and respond through one single dashboard.

That’s right, WOZTELL is one of the most complete options among its peers, as it allows for more fluid communication with customers and better management of the marketing and sales teams.

By using our integration, you can send messages with multimedia content, automate their delivery, create message templates and send them in bulk. It is available in several languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Take it from us

After all this information, you have a better idea of how to create your message templates on the WhatsApp Business Platform. These types of WhatsApp messages templates are a great way to protect the customer experience, ensuring that it remains everyone’s favorite communication channel.

If you want to offer this channel to your customers, we can help you. Besides the easy set up of your templates, we offer you free, quick and effortless access to the platform.

So if you’re ready to make the most of the power of this version of WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, we look forward to hearing from you!

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