How WhatsApp and Facebook have become lethal weapons in the use of mobile devices today?. In relation to this importance is that we highlight the great utility of tools such as WOZTELL that integrate WhatsApp for business in the enterprise CRM. Pay attention to this data to see the importance of WhatsApp and Facebook that are the same company.

Facebook has earned over $60 billion by 2019. WhatsApp is the fastest growing platform.

So, let’s see this topic about how WhatsApp is the fastest growing platform. WhatsApp is experiencing unprecedented growth. There is nothing similar in the history of mobile telephony. There are companies whose cases have been impressive but not like WhatsApp. What’s even more amazing is that it’s already a very popular application and is still growing dramatically. With over a billion users, it has gained 760 million more in less than a year.

It’s the fastest growing platform on Facebook. But it is also the one that generates the most expectations in terms of business possibilities. This is because today it is almost not monetised. So, WhatsApp is like a virgin sector for Facebook. You could start by selling inventory directly or by doing audience network integrations there. This would allow you to earn billions of dollars in revenue each quarter.

The average revenue per Facebook user has been over $7 according to the company’s data. It is estimated that WhatsApp could add between 5 and 10 billion dollars to Facebook’s coffers. But this study was done before WhatsApp added one billion more users.

In addition, we have to take into account that these estimates could be multiplied if we consider that there is more potential.

For example, the potential for WhatsApp to manage massive amounts of commerce and communications. A large portion of this huge increase in WhatsApp has been driven by India. That’s where a great impact is seen. Not only it has taken India, but also the rest of the world.

The Indian “monopoly” factor has driven much of WhatsApp’s growth, says entrepreneur Subhodip Dutta. It’s the “epicenter” of marketing, spam, political campaigns, he adds… as well as being the main place people use to communicate. One of the main reasons for this growth is that the application has no ads and consumes little bandwidth. The quality of the calls is good.

WhatsApp is the fastest growing platform. Why is that?

  • The man who uses the smartphone chat application in response to communication.
    It is said that even Facebook does not monetize it as it should because they are waiting for the right moment. This moment would be when there is a stagnation in Facebook’s income. It’s a kind of wild card or a special card that Facebook keeps.
  • It is also argued that Facebook shares already include the added value of WhatsApp and therefore you do not need to monetize it at this time.
    It has even backed away from the idea of including ads on WhatsApp.
  • However, there is no doubt that sooner or later Facebook will find a way to monetize these millions of users of their WhatsApp.

Learn more about WhatsApp and Messaging Applications

  • The total number of users could reach 2520 million this year. By next year there would be a slowdown but it would still reach 2.7 billion.
  • As we said, WhatsApp has its largest market in India and would reach 340 million users this year. Then comes Brazil with 99 million and the United States would reach 68.1 million. In these three markets over 90% of smartphone users use WhatsApp.
  • Another reason why WhatsApp is so widely used is that the application is accessible on so many different kind of phones.

It is also becoming increasingly popular as a means of payment

Only Messenger is a messaging system that has more users than WhatsApp. But it is known that everything is within Facebook and that apps can be complementary. Facebook has a great advantage to continue growing and WhatsApp will continue to be a great tool. With WOZTELL, you have the possibility to integrate this function into your CRM for communications with your customers, leads, and indeed, your company.

In a nutshell, the reason why WhatsApp has grown so much in such a short time is due to several things. On the one hand, the exponential growth of smartphones. The adaptation of WhatsApp to multiple types of phones. The ease of use, low bandwidth consumption, no ads and the great alliance that has been made with Facebook.

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