WhatsApp with ZOHO: The perfect match

This might be the best thing that you’ll read today. Woztell has developed an integration that fully connects Zoho with WhatsApp –– yes, you’re reading it right.

With more than 50 million users worldwide and 40+ integrated applications, ZOHO is one of the most powerful and wanted CRMs on the market. With Woztell, you will be able to fully integrate your WhatsApp account within your ZOHO CRM, ZOHO One, ZOHO Desk, and others ZOHO apps… This means that there is no need to download WhatsApp Web or switch back and forth between different tabs or apps in order to manage your company’s WhatsApp conversations.

Why integrating WhatsApp with ZOHO?

We had a feeling that there was a real need to create a well-developed and functional integration between WhatsApp and ZOHO. With Woztell, you will be able to message leads, contacts, customers and many more on WhatsApp straight from your CRM. Woztell uses ZOHO Cliq’s front end for immediate messaging and automatically stores all messages and data shared during the conversations within the system.

Woztell features you’d love

As a ZOHO user, you know how important it’s to have everything in one place. That’s why you will go for these features.

Related view in Leads/Contacts

Look at all sent and received WhatsApp messages directly inside your Lead or Contact tab. Access media and files shared during the conversation with a simple click on an external URL and avoid loading your CRM with unnecessary MB.

Workflows based on incoming messages

Depending on your CRM ability, you’ll be able to automate replies and actions based on the content of the incoming messages. In this way, you’ll be saving time answering and you’ll improve your customer service.

Marketing campaigns planning

With Woztell, you’ll be able to established a targeted WhatsApp marketing campaign to your selected leads or contacts. Moreover, you can customize the message, date and time of the campaign.


Woztell will be inline with SalesSignal, allowing you to display and manage all WhatsApp messages altogether -emails, calls and more- from your customers in just one place!

Optional failover to SMS

It might happen that your customer doesn’t have any internet connection or mobile coverage… Don’t panic, Woztell will automatically send an SMS to them in case their WhatsApp message hasn’t been delivered within a certain period of time. This is a user-friendly tool when you’re sending out important information to your customers (such as flight information, pending payments, etcetera.)

Block contact & opt-out option

Woztell has an option to block contacts from receiving and sending messages in case they’ve been sending inappropriate content. You also have the option for opt-out, which will avoid sending WhatsApp content to customers who are no longer interested in this channel.