Is WhatsApp secure for business communications?

Yes, it is 

Given the large number of businesses using WhatsApp Business Platform, the application is rated as the most popular and widely used communication platform. In recent years, all types of businesses have adopted it, but many still question “is WhatsApp secure for business communications?”.

Hoping to connect with the thousands of people who use WhatsApp, companies started using the chat platform to encourage customer engagement and support. This is how WhatsApp introduced its Business API version to facilitate communication between corporations and customers.

But what is the WhatsApp API, how can it help businesses?

And, more importantly, is WhatsApp secure for business? We answer all your questions in this article.

What is the WhatsApp Business Platform version?

In 2018, WhatsApp launched a WhatsApp Business Platform version that allows large and medium-sized businesses to quickly communicate with their customers. In other words, the API allows business owners to receive and respond to messages from customers in bulk.

With the WhatsApp API, businesses can register a new number or use an existing one to create a business account on WhatsApp. In addition, business owners can manage conversations with multiple agents and on a single platform, simplifying the workflow.

Now let’s evaluate some security threats

Many times companies underestimate the threat to API security, as they are still the great unknown.

While this release is a boon for digital businesses, it is important not to lose sight of quality, non-functional aspects and especially is WhatsApp secure for business. On the one hand, they make it easy for customers and partners to connect and exchange data, but on the other hand, when not properly secured, APIs make it easy for hackers to exploit applications and data.

Unsecured APIs can be a major risk factor and can undermine the trust of your customers and your efforts to build a digital enterprise. For this reason, API security should be everyone’s concern, not just the security department.

Developers, testers, security experts, operations and product managers must be aware of API security threats and work together to provide security.

So, is WhatsApp secure for business?

The answer is short: yes, WhatsApp is secure for businesses. This instant messaging application features end-to-end encryption.

A slightly longer answer: Unlike SMS, WhatsApp is directly linked to a single phone number. So when a company sends a message to a customer, the customer can recognize the brand or organization from which they are receiving messages.

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption and strict adherence to subscriber privacy protection is an added benefit. Additional security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), are useful for enterprises, as it allows them to ensure customer authenticity.

 WhatsApp is secure for business thanks to these features

Despite the number of people using the API, there may be a fog of confusion and uncertainty when it comes down to whether WhatsApp is secure for businesses.

In the first instance, WhatsApp aims to establish an easier and more effective platform for customers to connect with a business and make a purchase. Its updates provide a transparent view of how the platform collects and uses data.

So is WhatsApp secure for business? Here, some features that make it safe.

Encrypted chats

All messages including calls, texts, photos, videos, voice messages and documents are only shared between the sender and the recipient. Messages are encrypted to prevent WhatsApp and third parties from reading them.

End-to-end encryption

One of the most prominent configuration points of the WhatsApp Platform account is end-to-end encryption.

This means that the account applies strict measures to ensure user privacy and security. In fact, customers have now started to trust WhatsApp even with payments and support related to banking transactions.

General Data Protection Regulation

WhatsApp complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means that companies cannot send messages on their own. Customers must first allow them or initiate a conversation, and only then can they send messages.

Business Solution Provider

When using WhatsApp Business Platform, you can also work with a Business Solution Provider (BSP). BSPs are a global community of third-party solution providers with extensive knowledge of WhatsApp Business Platform.

Data collected from customers will only be accessible to your company, your support team members and the BSP you choose. The BSPs will collect and use the data to provide you with the necessary services and complete any transactions on your behalf. Please note that the BSP retains data only for as long as necessary until a specific purpose is achieved.

Once completed, the data is securely deleted.

Two-step verification

So, to the question of is WhatsApp secure for business, this feature is one of the reasons why it is. Once you have two-step verification enabled, a six-digit passcode is created, which means that no one can use that WhatsApp account.

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Is WhatsApp secure for business? Yes, and beneficial

What else does this version of WhatsApp offer? Check out the following benefits.


Your customers are already using WhatsApp. It’s an app that’s already part of their life and they most likely use it every day to talk to the people who matter most to them, which makes them feel that WhatsApp is secure for business and consumers.

 Customized experiences

WhatsApp uses variables to personalize messages. You can use your customers’ data from their pre-existing information in WhatsApp messages.


Opt-in (consent to communications) is a prerequisite for any message sent on the WhatsApp platform. Having opt-in means that messages have a higher degree of relevance and it also results in a reduction in spam reports and annoying customers.

Post-sales support

Providing customer support is one of the main objectives of using the WhatsApp Business API. As soon as the order is placed, companies can start their support through the channel using a chatbot or a WhatsApp template automation to ask for feedback or provide product information.


When you want to include a photo or video in the message, you can choose something that really connects with your customer and starts a conversation, such as a message with value.

This is exactly what WhatsApp business accounts can offer.

Marketing opportunities

You can showcase your brand in front of thousands of customers by employing proactive marketing and messaging to attract attention. During this phase, the right message at the right time can do wonders for your company.

To sum up

WhatsApp Business API is an ideal platform for businesses to achieve higher customer engagement and conversion rates. This version of WhatsApp is safe for businesses thanks to secure and encrypted messaging that allows brands to focus on their customers. At WOZTELL we can help you set up the WhatsApp Business API and open up a world of possibilities to improve your communications.

If you want to learn more about WhatsApp for e-commerce companies, download our free eBook here.

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