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Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

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How you will sell more with a WhatsApp chatbot

Did you know 83% of users prefer to connect with businesses through WhatsApp?

Up to 3x increase in your conversion rate

Connect Effectively: WhatsApp is known for having one of the highest open and conversion rates compared to other communication channels. This powerful channel transforms ordinary interactions into significant and successful sales opportunities.

Cost reduction through automation

Automate Lead Qualification: Minimize manual effort and resources invested in lead qualification. Our intelligent chatbot automatically manages this process, ensuring that only the most promising leads reach your sales team.

More agile sales processes

Efficiency at Every Step: Shorten sales cycles and improve response speed to customer inquiries. With our chatbot, the time from first contact to closing a sale is significantly reduced, optimizing each phase of the sales process.

Seamless integration with your tech stack

Synchronization with Existing Systems: We facilitate the integration of our chatbot with your current tech stack. Whether CRM, ERP, or any other tool, we guarantee seamless integration for efficient workflow and accurate data management.

Increased Seller Satisfaction

Focus on what Matters: By freeing your salespeople from repetitive and low-importance tasks, we allow them to focus on higher-value interactions, improving their satisfaction and effectiveness. With our chatbot, they can dedicate themselves to what they do best: sell.

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Dynamic and Personalized Interaction

Interactive Communication: Leverage WhatsApp Cloud API’s unique elements to offer your customers dynamic experiences.

Personalized Responses: Whether through AI or advanced decision trees, ensure precise, immediate, and tailored responses according to each customer’s needs.

Customer Experience & Human Scalability

Immediate Response: Improve customer experience with quick responses, 24/7, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Smooth Transition: Escalate complex conversations with human agents when necessary to ensure personalized and detailed attention.

Easy Integration

Universal Connections: Integrate your chatbot with any system using our APIs or connectors like Zapier.

Data Logging: Have your chatbot collect customer data, ask qualification questions, and register and classify it in your CRM system.

Analysis and Continuous Improvement

Conversation Analytics: Evaluate your campaigns’ ROI and your chatbots’ performance with precise metrics.

Qualitative Insights: Use AI to obtain a detailed, real-time analysis of conversations, allowing you to understand your customers better, empower your agents, and adapt and improve your strategies.

Adaptability and Mass Management

Adaptation to Your Processes: Customize your chatbot to adapt to any sales, marketing, or customer service process.

Large-Scale Management: Handle thousands of simultaneous conversations without compromising quality or efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure GDPR compliance and other privacy policies, guaranteeing the protection of your customers’ data.

Secure Conversations: With the inherent security of WhatsApp and obtaining consent, ensure protected and reliable communication.

Integrated with…

Exclusive WhatsApp API objects to develop your chatbots

WhatsApp Objects buttons

Interactive Buttons

WhatsApp Objets List


WhatsApp Objects products


WhatsApp Objets Flows

WhatsApp Flows

WhatsApp Objects carousel


How our customers are already using WhatsApp chatbots to sell more

Insurance WhatsApp Solution

4x increase in sales within 6 months

To stand out from the competition, they began to carry out the quotation and contracting process through WhatsApp instead of email or phone calls.

Chatbots that facilitate and expedite the process of quoting auto insurance while keeping the human touch intact.

AGM Education

12% increase in the attention / lead ratio

A direct communication channel on WhatsApp with automation

Automatic response messages using WhatsApp templates and chatbots to immediately assist the dozens of families who contact them daily for more information.

Longevita Turismo Médico

Increase their conversion rate by 10%

The implementation of WOZTELL has significantly improved Longevita’s KPIs.

Integrated WhatsApp notifications in their CRM have improved conversion rates and streamlined the booking process.

Why Trust Us?


messages processed


users worldwide


Countries. We take care of our clients


messages processed


users worldwide


Countries. We take care of our clients

‌‌Our success is that you sell more with WhatsApp

We tell you how we do it


We define the objectives of your WhatsApp chatbot based on your company’s needs


Based on your objectives, we develop the ideal chatbot



Level of immersion in the experience:

  1. Chat
  2. WhatsApp Objects
  3. Voice
  4. Avatars


How many languages the chatbot understands:

  1. A single language
  2. Multiple languages


How the bot interacts with the user:

  1. The user interacts with a bot
  2. The user interacts with a bot and a human
  3. The bot is capable of interacting with other bots



Level of understanding of the chatbot:

  1. Standard responses
  2. The chatbot is capable of recognizing the user
  3. The chatbot is capable of recognizing the user’s mood


Level of interactivity of the conversation:

  1. The chatbot offers specific responses
  2. The chatbot is capable of guiding the user to complete tasks
  3. The chatbot is capable of remembering the conversation and adapting to the context



Access to chatbot data:

  1. The chatbot has access to static knowledge pre-integrated into the flow
  2. The chatbot has access to public databases
  3. The chatbot has access to customized databases


Task execution:

  1. The bot is capable of providing information and external links for task resolution
  2. The bot is capable of resolving tasks and offering the resolution in the conversation
  3. The bot is capable of proactively initiating tasks


Work Methodology:

we will accompany you throughout the process until the launch

Functional Diagram


WhatsApp Objects




Monitoring and Optimization:

We help you improve the chatbot and ensure it meets your goals

User Experience Analysis

Audience Generation based on Interaction

KPI Monitoring

Iterative Improvements

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