We received news about the new functionalities of the WhatsApp API that will be available soon directly from the WhatsApp team. At Woztell, we want to keep you updated, and therefore in the sequel we will talk about the latest news that will pleasantly surprise you.

Woztell is in the business of WhatsApp API from the very beginning, and we have witnessed the evolution and growth of messaging technologies. As everything new and not studied, WhatsApp API technologies have been thoroughly tested in beta in several approaches in different industries and had pretty strict policy of use.

The strict policies regarding care of the end users of WhatsApp application and their privacy remains a constant priority.

However, it is getting more flexible in the business aspects as multifaceted research has given enough data to understand the needs of businesses and create the right functionality to provide an excellent service to the customer. And this cannot help but rejoice the business.

Being at the frontline in a constant interaction with the businesses all over the world and of completely different industries gave us plenty of experience in handling the conversational management for the businesses with their customers, and we even have created our own best practices facilitating smooth onboarding of our B2B customers.

After the pandemic there was an incredible change in the lifestyle and the priorities of the people, and the businesses were obliged to adapt and reinvent themselves, which include their philosophy, services and products, and the most important the way of communication to their customers.

It is well known that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, with more than 2B of users and more than 98% of open rate.

During the pandemic, this channel of communication became one of the most important to business-customer communications all over the world. However, together with the success of the fluid communication, it came the problem of handling high quantity of messages.

The customers now expect fast answers and solutions to their issues from the companies, and their trust in the brand and the quality of the services started to depend on the response time to their requests on WhatsApp. 

There when WhatsApp Business API comes on stage to help the businesses to manage the conversations professionally.

As a WhatsApp BSP, we have noticed a higher demand of WABA by all types of businesses independently of industry and size as it was absolutely vital for the businesses during pandemic to maintain the communication with their customers.

Get Started on WhatsApp Faster

We’ve cut down the time it takes for businesses to get up and running from weeks to just five minutes. Whether a business wants to work with a business solution provider or get support directly from Facebook in the future, these improvements will make it easier for more medium and larger businesses to have customer conversations on WhatsApp.

These are amazing news for businesses! Before, the approval and verification process of each business to use WABA took up to 3 weeks.

When business still doesn’t understand how exactly WABA may help them and the process is long-lasting, it gets difficult to convince them in its future benefits. However, at Woztell we made our best to support our customers during all the process and onboarded hundreds of them successfully.

And, now this process will take just 5 mins! That’s really wonderful news! As businesses now can get fast results just from the day 1 of using WABA.

Receive Additional Information from Businesses

As more businesses come onto WhatsApp, we’re improving how businesses can communicate with their customers. For example, businesses were often limited to sending timely notifications, which made it difficult to follow up with customers outside of a 24-hour window. So now we’ll support more types of messages — to let people know when an item is back in stock, for example. We’ve also seen how periodic updates from health authorities about responding to the pandemic have been helpful and we want to make this kind of service available for more types of conversations.

As you remember, there is a set of rules in use of WABA by businesses.

So, once a business is out of the 24 hour window, it was able to send only specific notification and could not continue conversation until the response of the customer.

Now, WhatsApp has improved its functionality and will support more types of messages to be able to follow up the conversations with customers and send timely notifications.

That’s great news for e-commerce, healthcare, education and all service companies!

Respond to Businesses in New Ways

We’re also rolling out new messaging features that can help people get business done faster. New list messages present a menu of up to 10 options so people no longer need to type out a response. Reply buttons will allow people to quickly make a selection from up to three options with just a quick tap that a business can set ahead of time through their WhatsApp Business API account.

Great news about UX/UI of WABA! Now, your customers don’t even need to type, they can just tap the buttons selecting their options and literally, check-out in a few clicks!

Also, if you are using a chatbot in the WhatsApp channel, this function will make it even more attractive and efficient: your customers will enjoy smooth and fast interaction with your bot providing a nice experience, and one more point pro your brand.

WABA news

Source: WhatsApp blog

We are thrilled to share this news with you and looking forward to start providing these services to our customers soon. Please, contact us to check if the new functionalities are already available for you.

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