A beginner’s WhatsApp marketing tutorial (to success)

Messaging is one of the easiest ways to send promotional offers and gain brand recognition at a very early stage. At a time when many social media channels are used for marketing, it’s important to choose a channel that spreads key information, and that’s why we bring you this WhatsApp marketing tutorial.

By now, we all know that WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications in the world.

With millions of monthly active users, this tool has also been an excellent way for companies to market their products and services on a large scale. In fact, many e-commerce brands have found WhatsApp marketing to be an effective way to build customer loyalty and increase brand awareness at a low cost compared to other advertising mediums such as television or print ads.

So it’ s no wonder that WhatsApp presents itself as an ideal customer interaction channel for companies of all sizes.

But why should you read this WhatsApp marketing tutorial?

Innovative companies have been discovering effective ways to reach customers with WhatsApp. The messaging app has proven useful for customer service, one-to-one communications and even unconventional marketing campaigns.

However, some businesses are still unsure if it’s worth investing time and money in having a presence on WhatsApp. The short answer? Yes, it is, and in this WhatsApp marketing tutorial, we’ll tell you all about it and also how you can make the most of it.

Let’s get to it!

What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp launched its API version to meet the high demand from brands and interact effectively with customers. The first step was to open it up for customer service use cases, with a focus on keeping WhatsApp spam-free.

WahtsApp approves each message created by the company, using WhatsApp’s template message feature.

In 2021, WhatsApp announced that it would allow businesses to use marketing templates to initiate relevant and timely conversations. As businesses, we must respond to this change quickly, as we have an excellent marketing tool at our fingertips that is more personal than email and more effective than SMS.

Whatsapp marketing can modernize your customer service approach by helping you create unique experiences that customers remember and want to repeat.

Read on to start the WhatsApp marketing tutorial and its role in your business strategy.

WhatsApp Marketing Tutorial: Create your strategy

A good strategy is an essential part of achieving results when it comes to marketing. Read the following tips from this WhatsApp marketing tutorial to strategize.

Configure your WhatsApp Business Platform

Still haven’t set up your business account?

It’s worth investing in a business WhatsApp account. This will allow users to respond if they have any questions or issues, and may also attract more customers due to the customer service component.

Typically, marketers looking to use WhatsApp for e-commerce businesses evaluate the company’s marketing funnel and look for ways to improve weaknesses. From there, they identify business objectives and look at metrics.

Decide on the type of WhatsApp campaign and communication

WhatsApp Business API can do everything for you, from recovering abandoned shopping carts, to welcoming and encouraging your e-commerce customers.

Plus, you can leverage the option to automate and maximize your specific ROI on each WhatsApp campaign.

Design your call to action (CTA)

Each direct response campaign includes a clear CTA (Call-to-Action) asking customers to do something specific. With this version the customer can interact with a chatbot or sales rep.

Submit your message template for review

As mentioned, you must get approval from WhatsApp on your message template. After approval, you will be able to run your campaign.

Run your campaign

Whether implementing chatbots, automations, CRM integration or broadcast messages. Depending on your objectives, you can choose which solutions to implement for your campaign to get the most out of WhatsApp as a marketing channel.

Use WhatsApp instant support

What is the best way to get in touch with the customer service department? Most people are used to it being via email or phone, but what if you could also do both on WhatsApp?

That’s right, you can provide live chat support to customers through WhatsApp and other channels so they have no reason to go elsewhere. Currently, WhatsApp is replacing traditional SMS support for e-commerce and service companies.

WhatsApp marketing features

As you can see in this WhatsApp marketing tutorial, with this tool you can create successful marketing campaigns. The intuitive user interface will help you create and upload the list of potential customers and send Broadcast Messages.

The following are some of the available functions:

  • Create a database of your customers and send Broadcast Messages.
  • Attach images, videos and texts with more than 1000 characters per message.
  • Easily access statistics on the results of messages sent, delivered, received and read.
  • Personalize your marketing campaigns by classifying customers according to their first name, last name, city and date of birth.
  • Create surveys
  • Send quick and automated responses to users

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Our best tips from this WhatsApp marketing tutorial

Personalize your messages

Be sure to use precise data in your campaigns. Language, interests and context are great ways to make sure your message is as personal and targeted as possible.

Choose non-traditional campaigns

With WhatsApp you need users to send you a message first before communicating with them. Since you can’t make the first move, you have to opt for creativity.

WhatsApp marketing motivates users to send messages, give you their phone number or accept your communications, which means you have to make it worth their while. Being creative and offering real benefits to people communicating with your business on WhatsApp can generate leads, engagement and brand recognition.

Leverage what works

Once you find a winning formula, automate it. Set up automation programs that run the campaign over and over again to customers who match the profile.

What should you read after this WhatsApp marketing tutorial?

WhatsApp marketing tools are very effective in converting leads in a very cost-effective way. Such tools can also help new businesses get early recognition. So, if used properly, they can become a great marketing channel.

Many companies have already started using the platform, therefore, after this WhatsApp marketing tutorial, you will surely want to download and read our free Ebook in which we present an unfailling guide to WhatsApp for e-commerce.

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