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Creating direct WhatsApp links for your business is a smart strategy to increase sales and improve customer service. It’s straightforward; instead of sharing your number, you only need to publish your WhatsApp number as a link. People can directly send you a message, even with a predefined text.

WhatsApp Link Generation Tool

In this post, we will show you how to create these links and where to apply them to generate more interest in your business, allowing you to process your conversations in an agile manner that results in more and better-served customers.

There are three types of WhatsApp: WhatsApp Personal, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Cloud. At WOZTELL, we are experts in WhatsApp Cloud. If you genuinely want to professionalize your WhatsApp, do not hesitate to register on our platform .

How do you create a custom link for WhatsApp?

You have different options to create your custom WhatsApp links. You can have personalized links for each of your pages. The best method we can recommend is to use a link with customizable text. Hence, you know the entry point of WhatsApp, allowing you to converse with context on WhatsApp.

  1. Use our link generation tool. With our link generation tool, you can determine your number and country code and have a predefined text.
  2. Use the universal wa. me links. Creating your link with wa.me is extremely easy and effective. This method only requires you to add your country code and phone number to the format https://wa.me/. Do not include symbols or parentheses, just numbers.
  3. The WhatsApp API Option is similar to the Wa.me option. You can build your link using the WhatsApp API for more advanced integration. This allows you to customize the user experience further. The format for creating these links is https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=.
  4. Create links with personalized messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to define a predefined message that will be sent each time someone uses your link. This is ideal for greeting customers or providing initial information. The format to include a personalized message in your link is https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=&text=.
  5. Where to Use Your WhatsApp Links. You should use these links everywhere: your website, email signature, social media, etc. This makes it easy for customers to contact you with just one click.

How to take advantage of WhatsApp links for better Conversations?

To make the most of this strategy, updating your website and various entry points with direct WhatsApp links is crucial. Here’s how:

  • Contact Page: The most logical place to include your WhatsApp link, making it easy for interested customers to communicate directly with you.
  • Floating Button: A WhatsApp button in all sections of your website invites instant communication, no matter where the visitor is.
  • Website Footer: A direct link in the footer ensures visitors can always quickly contact you.
  • Landing Pages and Blogs: Optimize conversion rate by including a WhatsApp button with a predefined message indicating the inquiry’s origin.
  • Social Media: In the bio of your IG/FB, stories, posts, YouTube videos, YouTube descriptions, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
  • Email Signature: Include the following text in your signature, wa.me/+Country_code_your_phone so that they can send you a WhatsApp with just one click.
  • Offline Resources: You can use QRs that lead directly to WhatsApp, an excellent way to leverage your offline resources. Also, think about your business cards, flyers, billboards, TV ads, and more.

Where can you place a WhatsApp Entry Point to attract more customers to your Company?

Once you’re familiar with organic WhatsApp entry points, we recommend starting to run advertising campaigns on WhatsApp:

Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads allow you a native way to direct conversations to your conversational channels. In the case of WhatsApp, it gives you a 72-hour window instead of 24 hours.

Google Ads: In Google Ads, you can direct traffic like web traffic simply by creating a link to your WhatsApp. Remember to put a predefined text to identify the campaign.

To implement these strategies, ensure your team is familiar with WhatsApp Business and consider integrating your CRM for efficient customer management. By following these steps, you can increase your sales and foster a closer and more direct relationship with your customers.


How do I create a hyperlink on WhatsApp?

To create a hyperlink on WhatsApp that directs users to start a conversation with you, you can use the direct link structure provided by WhatsApp or tools like the WOZTELL WhatsApp LINK Generator. This link uses the format https://wa.me/, where your country code is without plus signs (+) or zeros (0) at the beginning and is your WhatsApp Business phone number without signs or spaces. For example, if your number is from Spain and it’s 644651332, your link would be https://wa.me/34644651332.

How do I create a customized link for WhatsApp?

To create a customized link for WhatsApp, you can opt for the WhatsApp API method or use tools like the WOZTELL WhatsApp LINK Generator.

This link allows you to include a predefined message displayed in the conversation once the user clicks on the link. The structure for this type of link is https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=&text=. Be sure to URL encode the message, replacing spaces with %20, and so on. For example: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=34644651332&text=Hello%20I’m%20interested%20in%20learning%20more%20about%20your%20products.

How do I create a share link on WhatsApp?

Creating a share link on WhatsApp involves generating a link that when clicked, allows users to share specific content or a message directly in their WhatsApp. Use the same structure as the customized link, but adapt the predefined message to invite sharing. For example, if you want them to share a promotion, your link could be https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=&text=Check%20out%20this%20amazing%20promotion%20I%20found!.

How do I create a personal chat link in WhatsApp?

To create a personal chat link in WhatsApp that allows a user to go to a private conversation with you directly, simply follow the direct or universal WhatsApp link format. This link does not need to include a predefined message, thus allowing the user to start the conversation with whatever message they prefer. The basic format is https://wa.me/, making sure to replace it with your corresponding information. This link will generate a personal chat session between you and the user who clicks on the link.

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