Spanish political leader kidnapped by WhatsApp

Why do you need to verify your WhatsApp account?

Have you ever heard of phishing? It’s a deceptive practice that consists of someone attempting to trick someone else into giving away personal information over the internet, for example, credit card details, passwords or even bank accounts. Imagine someone pretends to be your official messaging service provider.

That’s exactly what happened last month to Spanish politician Albert Rivera, member of the Congress of Deputies and main leader of Citizen’s political party. You’d assume that someone like him had an insured WhatsApp account, but apparently this is not the case. The truth is that he probably didn’t get his account fully verified.

With 1 billion active users every day, WhatsApp is the pre-eminent messaging app on the market and consequently, one of the most exposed to phishing or other types of fraud. That’s why getting your WhatsApp number verified is imperative, principally if you have a business.

What are the benefits of getting your WhatsApp Business account verified?

  • Maximise your account security by enabling the two-steps verification
  • Associate your WhatsApp number with your official Facebook account
  • Getting verified by Facebook (blue badge with tick)
  • Keep your phone number private, and instead show your business name
  • Block possible phishing and other fraudulent activities

What are the requirements for verifying your WhatsApp Business number?

  • You can only verify a phone number owned by you (both mobile and landline number)
  • The phone number must be active to receive SMS or phone calls
  • You will need a good internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data to complete verification
  • You need to disable all call blocking settings from your number
  • If you’re verifying a landline number, then tap on “Call me”. You’ll receive a call in the landline for the verification code.

Thus, you’ll not only get a verified green badge with a tick, but also you’ll be able to keep your business details and your customers’ information safe.

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