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Integrate experiences of WhatsApp Flows with WOZTELL and boost your marketing, sales, and customer experience.

Born #WhatsAppFlows, a FREE Microchatbot builder for WhatsApp Cloud, complete with live chat capabilities, broadcast messages, and seamless integration in WOZTELL with ChatGPT, Zoho, Google, Microsoft, Shopify, Stripe, Calendly, PayPal, and 100 other apps.

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How can you use WhatsApp Flows in WOZTELL?

The main challenge you can tackle with WhatsApp Flows is the ability to create micro chatbots as templates within WhatsApp Cloud for various use cases such as Lead Generation, Login, Customer Support Surveys, or even exclusive promotions.

WhatsApp Flows offers a wide range of use cases throughout the customer journey. After generating data using WhatsApp Flows templates, WOZTELL integrates it with your favorite business tools, adding a layer of interconnectivity for comprehensive data management

How can you use WhatsApp Flow in WOZTELL?
whatsapp flow funnel
whatsapp flow funnel

WhatsApp Flow for Lead Generation

Elevate your lead generation game with WhatsApp Flow, the ultimate tool for capturing valuable leads effortlessly. Our powerful templates and seamless integration with your favorite business tools make lead generation a breeze.

Once WOZTELL generates the lead, you can deposit it into your CRM using WhatsApp Flows, such as ZOHO CRM. Allowing you to control your leads and attribute the source of your marketing efforts for seamless intercommunication

WhatsApp Flows for Customer Service and Feedback

WhatsApp Flows offers the ultimate solution to take customer service to another level and gather valuable feedback.

Exclusive customizable templates for WhatsApp Cloud users and integration with your favorite business tools with WOZTELL allow you to provide exceptional service while gaining crucial customer insights.

Optimize your customer service and make informed decisions with WhatsApp Flows.

WhatsApp Flows for Appointments and Reservations

Simplification of appointment and reservation management. WhatsApp Flows is the perfect tool to automate and enhance this process. Our customizable templates allow you to provide your customers with the flexibility they desire when scheduling appointments, while WOZTELL ensures seamless integration with your favorite business systems.

Be more efficient and save time while your customers enjoy a hassle-free booking experience.

Whether a clinic or a specialist, you can efficiently manage your appointments via WhatsApp with 100% automated processes.

WhatsApp Flows to sell more products, subscriptions and get quote

Do you want to increase your sales and maximize your revenue through WhatsApp? WhatsApp Flows is the solution that allows you to provide customer experiences without the need to land on a web browser.

With WhatsApp Flows, purchasing is easier and faster than ever, offering your customers an exceptional experience.

You can provide quotes and, along with WOZTELL, send personalized payment links via PayPal and Stripe.

How to start using WhatsApp Flows

You must have a WOZTELL account and link it to your WhatsApp Cloud API. Our team will assist you in creating your first micro chatbot and provide access to our LiveChat Inbox for managing WhatsApp Cloud conversations.

You can get started with us with an exclusive offer of $99 monthly, valid for the first 100 WhatsApp Cloud customers.

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What scope of product should be expected for GA?
We are launching a broad range of foundational building blocks. With these foundational building blocks businesses can build form–based use cases, like appointment bookings, lead generation, log in and account management flows, surveys, and more. Integrations with payments and components for large shopping use cases are not available with this launch. We will continue adding more components to power an even broader range of new, complex use cases
How do businesses create a Flow?
We’ve created a series of building blocks (aka “Components”) businesses can choose from so they can easily design rich, customizable experiences for their customers – like the ability to book an appointment – without customers having to leave WhatsApp.
For what industries do you expect WhatsApp Flows to be most useful?
We’ve heard from businesses across multiple industries how this feature will be a game-changer for their business and allow them to get more done with their customers without having to leave WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Flows, banks, food delivery services, e-commerce brands and many other companies will be able to offer their customers the ability to do more on WhatsApp
What’s the difference between this feature and the existing ways that people can interact with businesses on WhatsApp?
WhatsApp Flows will unlock more flexibility and functionality by offering customizable building blocks, so that the businesses can offer the most relevant experiences and help their customers complete things faster on WhatsApp. Currently, a business might interact with a consumer with many back and forth chat messages, or by taking the user out of WhatsApp with a link to a mobile website. Both experiences are not optimal and cause drop offs. WhatsApp Flows allows a consumer to interact with a business in a structured way designed by the business – in a quick and easy journey, all within WhatsApp.
How will WhatsApp charge for Flows? Which message category does it fall under?

They will be the same as the ones currently in the templates; please check the template prices here: https://woztell.com/whatsapp-conversation-based-pricing/

The final customers that use Android and Ios in WhatsApp can see WhatsApp Flows?
Yes, Flows will be available on both Android and iOS mobile clients.
Is it available on API business platform and Business app?
For now, we are launching Flows on API business platform only.
Will Flows be available on both Cloud and On Premise API?
Yes, Flows will be available on both Cloud and On-Premise API.
Will WhatsApp be logging the information a user provides to businesses when using formbased WhatsApp Flows?
This data is sent by the user to the business, and is not processed nor collected by WhatsApp