Why are businesses building a WhatsApp ecommerce bot?


Chatbots are getting smarter, so more and more companies are starting to use them to improve the customer experience. Your e-commerce can benefit from building a WhatsApp e-commerce bot.

Chatbots are not new to the e-commerce world. The main reason chatbots are so popular is because technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are evolving at a rapid pace. As a result, AI-powered chatbots are getting smarter (and more useful).

Thanks to chatbots, e-commerce companies can improve the customer experience by offering the necessary help at anytime, exactly when the customer needs it. Chatbots not only allow companies to improve customer service, but also have the potential to optimize many other interactions between companies and their customers.

There is a chatbot for everyone

To put it in simple terms, chatbots are automated dialogues. One of the biggest advantages of technology is that chatbots can help improve the customer service effectiveness of businesses. However, they are not limited to that, as they have similar potential for the entire field of digital communication, depending on the type of chatbot being used.
There are all types of chatbots, but as a general rule, we can distinguish between two types of chatbots: rule-based chatbots and artificial intelligence bots (AI bots).
  • Rule-based chatbots: also known as “click bots”, they are based on predefined conversation paths where users get predefined question and answer options.
  • Artificial Intelligence Chatbots (AI bots): they can have intelligent conversations with customers. They are a more complex type of chatbots that require a long period of learning and adjustments.

What a WhatsApp e-commerce bot can do for you

Converting casual shoppers into paying customers and thus turning a profit are some of the difficult challenges facing e-commerce. Fortunately, a chatbot can help you automate the process of responding to customer inquiries while reducing overhead and improving the efficiency of your customer service team.

WhatsaApp bot is a chat that can be used specifically in the most famous messaging app of Meta. In other words, it helps to manage your company at scale, automating conversations, answering repetitive questions instantly and allowing your employees to concentrate on other value-adding activities.

WhatsApp e-commerce bot examples

Starting in the first touchpoint, the clients journey of interacting with a company goes through different stages in the sales funnel. Thanks to WhatsApp e-commerce bot, it is possible to attend to customers through multiple touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey.

Let’s see some WhatsApp e-commerce bot examples:

Frequent questions

n spite of all the advantages, online shopping can’t provide customers with the opportunity of seeing the products closely or making questions to a shop assistant. Although e-commerce companies have help sections or contact forms to erase the obstacles of the buyers during the sale process, clients want a nice experience from the moment they visit your website until they pay for their products.
This repetitive consults can include product information, refund policies or payment options that your company accepts. An easy “frequently ask questions” chatbot allows you to answer questions about shopping in an attractive and receptive way, instead of forcing customers to search the frequent questions section.


The WhatsApp bot makes it easy to collect feedback from your customers instead of setting up web forms or e-mails that they often ignore.

You can erase the friction of collecting feedback and opinions by using a chatbot conversation. An easier way to collect information, that you will be able to easily organize if you have a CRM connected.

Lead magnet

Lead generation is one of the crucial stages of the sales funnel. The WhatsApp API offers a great opportunity to capture prospects through online advertising campaigns, contact buttons, and in this case, a chat bot.
Once a client sends the first message you obtain their name and phone number. As a result, you will have a bigger top part of the funnel which will give your sales team more prospects to close deals..

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What are the first steps to build your own WhatsApp e-commerce bot with WOZTELL? 

Creating a WhatsApp e-commerce bot is easy when you have a clear strategy about how to do it. The WhatsApp e-commerce chatbot building with WOZTELL offers more flexibility in the personalization than other platforms.

These are the steps that you need to follow to build your own WhatsApp e-commerce bot on our platform.

1. Sign up

To create WhatsApp e-commerce chatbots you must first get and configure your WhatsApp Business Platform number. At WOZTELL we can make this process easy for you with our tutorials and assistance from our support team.

Once WhatsApp verifies the account you’ll be able to start using all the specific functions of the API.

2. Download a template or start from scratch

In general, WhatsApp e-commerce chatbots have a simple interface where you can create flows using templates and specify the answers to certain questions and conditions. You can create this templates on your own or use a chatbot platform such as WOZTELL to save some time.

We can also help you improve the chatbot experience by showing you the precision of its answers, the bounce rate and the total flow of a conversation.

3. Connect and monitor conversations

Once you connect your WhatsApp e-commerce chatbot you can monitor the conversations through our platform to know how to improve your chatbot’s answers and script. Verify the users’ answers, the obtained information and the abandonment of the conversation to get tips on how to answer with more precision and keep them engaged.

To sum up

WhatsApp has the potential of transforming and personalizing the way in which the e-commerce companies get in touch with their current and potential clients. If you want to know more about it, download our free eBook about the infinite options that you have with WhatsApp e-commerce.

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