WhatsApp conversations pricing update

From the first of June 2023, WhatsApp will update the conversation pricing and categories for companies that use WhatsApp Business Platform to communicate with their customers.

In this article, we will take a look at the new categories with some examples, how the cost per conversation will be applied, and the prices by category and region.

Conversation categories

WhatsApp has announced a change in the conversation categories and the prices associated with each.

Previously, there were two types of conversation: user-initiated and company-initiated. Now, with the update, there will be 4 types of conversation associated with the new template categories, each of them with a different cost.

Let’s see these categories with some examples. Keep in mind that these examples are illustrative only and that WhatsApp can assign the message template to a different category.

1. Utility conversations 

These conversations are business initiated with a message template of the utility category and refer to transactions, shipping updates, post-purchase notifications, payment notifications, etc.

If the message includes marketing content and transactional content, WhatsApp will consider it a marketing template and it will have the cost of a marketing conversation.

Some examples are:
  • Confirm a transaction

“Your reservation for this weekend is confirmed. See you soon.”

  • Cancel an order

“Your order has been canceled. We’ll process the devolution in 5 working days.”

  • Payment notification

“Remember: the payment deadline is on Thursday.”

2. Authentication conversations

With an authentication message template, businesses will be able to authenticate users with one-time passwords even in different steps of the verification process.

These are one of the most restricted templates. Companies must use a pre-defined authentication message that can include security and validity warnings. Also, these messages must include a one-time password button.

These messages cannot include URLs, multimedia elements, or emojis.

“Your verification code is 2354. For your safety do not share it with anyone. Remember the code will be valid for 15 minutes.”

3. Marketing conversations

Marketing templates are the most flexible. They do not refer to previous interactions with the customer and can include promotions, offers, welcome or close messages, recommendations, requests for a new transaction, and more.
  • Promotions and offers

“Just today! If you buy 2 or more coffees we will give you a 2 € coupon ☕”

  • Welcome messages

“Hi! We have an important question for you, how long does grocery shopping take you every week?”

  • Updates and invitations

“We are opening a new place and want to invite you to know it. 🍝 Come by this weekend and get to know a new place to enjoy the best Italian food.”

4. Service conversations

All customer-initiated conversations are service conversations.

How will the charges per conversation work?

Conversations cost will vary according to the category and user country.

When you send a message of a determined category, a conversation of that category will open. This means that, if you send a marketing message template, that conversation will be a marketing conversation.

You can send as many message templates of the same category as you want while the 24-hour conversation window is open.

However, if there is a conversation window open in one category and you send a message template from another category there will be a new charge for the new one.

For example, if you have a utility conversation window open, and you send a marketing template, a new marketing conversation will open.

In addition, it is important to know that the first 1,000 user-initiated conversations of the month will be free of charge.

precios-tarifas- whatsapp
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Service conversations

Service conversations only start when a customer sends the company a message when there is no 24-hour conversation window open and the company responds with a free text message.

If the company responds with a template, the service conversation will be closed and a new conversation will be opened with the message template category.

Conversation started through conversational

Conversations started by users through click-to-WhatsApp ads or call-to-action buttons from a Facebook page are free.

In this case, companies have a 72-hour conversation window where they can send message templates of different categories without any cost or category change.

Get an idea of the costs per conversation

The new conversation categories reflect their value for WhatsApp users and companies.

Marketing conversations drive sales, while utility conversations facilitate services on existing sales. On the other hand, service conversations are useful for clients to solve problems and questions.

This is reflected in the new price table. For example, marketing messages will have a higher cost, and utility messages will have a lower price. The cost for service conversations will be the same that the user-initiated conversations use to have.

Prices by country and category

We have prepared a table with the new prices by country and conversation category. The prices are in American dollars.


Market Currency Marketing Utility Authentication Service
Argentina $US 0,074 0,049 0,044 0,038
Brazil $US 0,075 0,042 0,038 0,036
Chile $US 0,107 0,070 0,063 0,054
Colombia $US 0,015 0,010 0,009 0,007
Egypt $US 0,129 0,082 0,074 0,077
France $US 0,172 0,092 0,083 0,103
Germany $US 0,164 0,102 0,092 0,098
India $US 0,012 0,005 0,005 0,005
Indonesia $US 0,049 0,024 0,036 0,023
Israel $US 0,042 0,023 0,020 0,022
Italy $US 0,083 0,050 0,045 0,046
Malaysia $US 0,103 0,024 0,022 0,026
Mexico $US 0,052 0,032 0,029 0,013
Netherlands $US 0,192 0,096 0,086 0,107
Nigeria $US 0,062 0,038 0,034 0,037
Pakistan $US 0,057 0,030 0,027 0,017
Peru $US 0,084 0,050 0,045 0,021
Russia $US 0,096 0,057 0,051 0,048
Saudi Arabia $US 0,049 0,030 0,027 0,023
South Africa $US 0,045 0,024 0,022 0,020
Spain $US 0,074 0,046 0,041 0,044
Turkey $US 0,013 0,011 0,010 0,004
United Arab Emirates $US 0,041 0,024 0,021 0,023
United Kingdom $US 0,085 0,048 0,043 0,047
North America $US 0,030 0,018 0,016 0,011
Rest of Africa $US 0,027 0,019 0,017 0,044
Rest of Asia Pacific $US 0,088 0,057 0,051 0,027
Rest of Central & Eastern Europe $US 0,103 0,074 0,067 0,030
Rest of Latin America $US 0,089 0,059 0,053 0,051
Rest of Middle East $US 0,041 0,024 0,021 0,026
Rest of Western Europe $US 0,071 0,050 0,045 0,048
Other $US 0,072 0,041 0,036 0,017
 *Fees included

To wrap up

Las nuevas categorías de conversación de WhatsApp y los nuevos precios están pensados para que los usuarios tengan experiencias de calidad al interactuar con las empresas.

Sácales el máximo provecho y crea conexiones duraderas con tus clientes.

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