Get started with WhatsApp chatbots in this crash course

Learn the A to Z of WhatsApp chatbot building using ready-to-use templates that will change the way you communicate with your customers and your results.

WhatsApp Chatbots Course cover
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The era of conversations is here, and chatbots are the key for efficiency

Communications are changing and companies need to keep up.

What was once a technology that seemed to be from the future, is now the present. Chatbots are available to anyone who wants to improve their efficiency. And the best part? You don’t have to rely on developers or programmers to get your chatbot up and running in a matter of minutes.

Combine the power of chatbot-automation and WhatsApp’s audience of 2 billion users and you have a recipe for success.

With this course you will learn how to work with WhatsApp Cloud API, the most powerful version of WhatsApp, and how to edit and customize chatbot templates on your own.

You will have control of your communications and a virtual agent that will work 24/7, in any language you configure and with a wide set of WhatsApp features that you will not find in any other version of the messaging app.

All this in 8 modules and 25 lessons for you to start building your chatbot.

Moreover, you will have at your disposal a free WOZTELL license to implement all the lessons and practice from day one.


Who is this course for?

This course is mandatory for all of those who work in marketing, sales, customer service or want to use learn how to use a WhatsApp chatbot to automate their processes.

Upon completion, you will be able to edit pre-designed chatbot templates and connect them with your WhatsApp Cloud API number.

What’s in the course?

You will be able to access all the content of the course after registering for free.

1 - Course introduction
  1. How does the course works?
2 - The channel: WhatsApp Cloud API
  1. What is WhatsApp Cloud API?
3 - The platform: WOZTELL
  1. What is WOZTELL?
  2. Set up your account
  3. Create your WhatsApp Cloud channel
  4. WhatsApp templates: Management
4 - Chatbot builder: the basics
  1. What is a chatbot?
  2. Where can you build a chatbot?
  3. What is a conversation tree?
  4. Add a conversation tree to your WhatsApp
  5. Edit your chatbot messages
  6. Create a conversation tree
  7. Connect a csv with information to your chatbot
  8. What is a payload in chatbot building?
  9. Practice: Install a template, edit and connect it to your channel
5 - Gain more revenue with conversations
  1. Lead generation chatbot: set it up and start using it
6 - broadcast messages and WhatsApp chatbots
  1. Configure your first push and connect it to a chatbot
  2. Practice: Send a push message to yourself and trigger a chatbot flow
7 - Live Chat: How to better handle enquiries
  1. The Zoho Cliq integration
  2. What is a handover and why do you need it?
  3. Set up a chatbot to live chat handover
8 - Save up time with a chatbot
  1. Send a message during out-of-office hours
  2. Configure a virtual FAQs chatbot
9 - Use cases
  1. Lead generation
  2. Lead qualification
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Bonus: Entry points strategy
10 - Additional resources
  1. Documentation
  2. Additional learning resources
  3. End note

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