100 Chatbots for WhatsApp Free

At WOZTELL, we have designed over 100 chatbots for various industries and use cases. You can configure them with your account in less than 3 minutes.

Discover our pre-designed WhatsApp chatbots for different industries and functionalities.

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What your company can achieve with a WhatsApp chatbot?

You can build marketing strategies to automate your customer service with WOZTELL and WhatsApp Cloud API. You can connect a chatbot’s responses to any tool in your company through our unique conversational platform.

Marketing Chatbots on WhatsApp

At WOZTELL, we’ve created over 100 pre-designed Marketing Chatbots on WhatsApp for various industries.

You can send scheduled messages, promotional campaigns, and relevant content to a contact list.

The advanced analytics provided by the chatbots enable businesses to measure the performance of their campaigns and make real-time adjustments

Our experts recommend
WhatsApp chatbot template nurturing

Nurturing Chatbot

With this nurturing chatbot, you can set up a form that automatically collects their information.


Product Recommender

With this chatbot, you can ask your customers questions to show them products that suit them.

WhatsApp Sales Chatbots

You can connect your entire sales team to a single WhatsApp number, associate it with your CRM, and track your marketing efforts.

After passing through a pre-qualification chatbot, your team can manage it in the most agile way. Or even activate any of our 100 WhatsApp chatbots so that your sales team has the right information in the appropriate channel.

Your potential customers will appreciate practical and agile communication, while your sales team can increase their sales thanks to efficient communication.

Our experts recommend

Pre-Qualification Chatbot

With this chatbot, you can qualify your leads through a conversation using button-based questions.

Weekend and Non-Business Hours

Provides immediate responses to your customers when you are not available.

Customer Service Chatbots on WhatsApp

Reduce the burden of phone calls.

Customers, in case of any doubts, can consult your WhatsApp chatbot, which will resolve their queries in a matter of seconds. If you deem it necessary, the chatbot can redirect customers to the appropriate department with the necessary information for quick query resolution.

Serve your customers without delays with our 100 WhatsApp chatbots for customer service.

Our experts recommend
chatbot de preguntas frecuentes

Level 1 FAQs Chatbot

The best way to address your customers’ questions immediately, with 24/7 automated support.


Advanced Survey Chatbot

Send surveys to your customers and have them rate your questions on a scale of 1-5 stars.

How do I automate WhatsApp chatbot?

Before you begin

Create your account on WOZTELL here

Connect WhatsApp Cloud API (Read the instructions carefully)

Browse our pages to select the chatbot you want to configure according to your industry and use case. You can try each chatbot on your WhatsApp to see the final result.

Install chatbots on WhatsApp with WOZTELL

Once you have selected the chatbot to install, click on the ‘Install your Template’ button, and you can configure it using our chatbot installation assistant in 3 simple steps.