Get your WhatsApp API.

Automate, control and manage all your WhatsApp communications.

More Sales with WhatsApp

Increase average ticket

  • 30% higher in ecommerce with instant messaging
  • Automated followup with templates
  • Integration with CRM

Customer support

Increase satisfaction rate

  • Avoid complains replicating in multiple channels
  • Push notification: survey and issue status
  • Integration with Desk & CRM.

Marketing with WhatsApp

Improve brand perception

  • Push notification: event reminders
  • No promos allowed
  • Survey, new releases, event invitations.

Unlimited message storage

Store all your sent and received WhatsApp messages with no time limit.

Unlimited file storage

Send and receive unlimited files (documents, photos, videos, etc.) and store them inside your conversation threads.

Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing

Send and receive unlimited WhatsApp messages and learn how to get the most out of this new business tool.

Templates bulk sending

Segment your target audiences and send them specific information about your products and services.

Workflows based on incoming messages

Automate replies and actions based on message content and save time on your customer care.

WhatsApp messages automation

Send automated messages and start a conversation with your actual and potential customers, attracting their interest in a new way.

Marketing campaigns planning

Create targeted marketing campaigns selecting leads or existing contacts and customize the message, date, and time.

External URL to shared files

Search the contact tab for the links to the files received
files and avoid loading unnecessary Mbytes.

View all sent and received WhatsApp messages by any user in your system.

New conversation alerts

Easily identify new incoming WhatsApp messages and the amount of pending unread messages.

Sales signal

Visualize and manage all your WhatsApp messages, calls, newsletter and email openings, and more from your customers in a single place.

A security protocol for unknown contacts

Apply a security procedure to identify unknown contacts messaging you on WhatsApp.

Opt-Out option

Avoid sending WhatsApp messages to customers who are not interested in this channel.

Block Contact option

Block Whatsapp contacts and avoid storing the data in your system.

GDPR Compliance

Comply, if necessary, the European GDPR regulations and obtain consent prior to sending messages.

Emojis in your WhatsApp messages

Use emojis to share emotions in your messages and generate a human relationship with your customers 😉 😀

Find any word in any conversation of your customers
or Business Software users.

Text, photos, videos, and audio allowed

Send and receive text messages, photos, videos, audio, and files and manage your customers’ requests instantly.

WhatsApp dashboards

Create control charts and measure the impact WhatsApp is generating on your sales and customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp messages delivery status

Check the status of your outgoing WhatsApp messages and verify if they were sent, delivered, read, or rejected.

WhatsApp Business Policy and verified WhatsApp Business number

Apply WhatsApp policy for the correct use of Woztell and avoid your account being blocked for inappropriate usage.

WhatsApp Quality Ratings and Messaging Limits apply

Improve the quality of your WhatsApp Business account by respecting WhatsApp’s own quality rating and messaging limits and avoid SPAM.