WhatsApp Business Platform Master Class: Get thousands of customers with WhatsApp

Do you want to get thousands of customers with WhatsApp?

This is the question that prompted the Master Class that we held last Thursday, 10 of March.

Our goal was to introduce all of our assistants to WhatsApp and show them the potential of this powerful tool.

Philip Chan, our Partnership Manager, conducted the theoretical part while Adelaida Mahiques, our Content Manager was in charge of doing the practical workshop.

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How to get the thousands of customers with WhatsApp

At 11:00 CET we began the first part of our session, organized by Philip from his residence in Hong Kong.

The aim of his part was to present WhatsApp Business Platform for business communications. The main topics he went over were:

  • Why you should bet on business messaging

  • What is WhatsApp Business Platform and why your clients want it to communicate with you

  • How to benefit from the WhatsApp opportunities to get thousands of clients

  • Differences between WhatsApp versions

  • Types of messages and functionalities of WhatsApp Business Platform

  • The first steps to start working with a WhatsApp Business Platform number

The rise of business messaging

We understand business messaging as the practice that unites customers and companies through a message exchange.

In short, what you typically do to communicate with your friends and family. But now with businesses too.

Philip gave us statistics about the preference of users for this type of communication, even more after the pandemic.

75% of international adults surveyed said, “I want to be able to communicate with businesses in the same way that I communicate with friends/family through messaging

He also shared the success of two companies that decided to use WhatsApp Business Platform for their communications.

Why your customers love WhatsApp

The specific reasons may vary from one person to another, but our speaker zoomed in four relevant features:

    • It’s one on one: a direct line of communication without the hassle that comes with an email or a phone call.

    • It’s conversational: in this case, it is a two-way conversation that focuses on the customer.

    • It’s immediate and timely: messaging allows for immediate responses as well as allowing businesses to answer when it best suits them.

    • It’s a platform they love: with 2 billion users around the world, WhatsApp is the leading platform to communicate.

The business opportunities

We know that using a new channel of communication and learning about it can turn some people away.

Philip recognized the challenges for businesses. But rather than keeping at the bad things, he turned it around and focused on the opportunities for businesses of using the power of WhatsApp Business Platform and WOZTELL:

  • Give your customers a new channel to communicate with them, one they already use.
  • WhatsApp empowers businesses to connect through messaging conversations.
  • All your communications in one single platform, driving more engagement from users.
  • Build long-term customer relationships thanks to all the features of the API.
  • WhatsApp Business Platform has a modern structure that makes it easier for businesses to focus on offering their services.

What are WhatsApp Business Platform and WOZTELL

Perhaps one of the main points of our Master Class was Philip explaining what is Whatsapp Business Platform and the differences with the other versions.

We believe that it’s worth highlighting some of them such as:

    • Back-end integrations such as CRM are possible

    • Thousands of agents can work on the same number

    • You can integrate chatbots

    • This is the only version with interactive templates and buttons

(If you want to see a comprehensive overview of it, check out our video!)

So, WhatsApp Business Platform is an API and needs a Business Platform Solution to implement it. This is where we step in.

Our speaker explained the potential of managing live chat conversations with WOZTELL and the added features of Push CRM, Chatbot Builder and CRM Integration.

Types of messages, Payments and Entry Points

In the more technical aspect of the presentation, Philip introduced the different features that make WhatsApp Business Platform stand out among other messaging options.

One of the key features that creates seamless experiences for users, is the incorporation of Buttons; Call-to-action and Quick-reply are the options that WhatsApp allows on this version.

Another key feature is List Messages.

It is as it sounds: a message that lists a range of elements that users can select with a click. It is simpler and more consistent than offering a text-based message.

Our speaker also went over the different formats that WhatsApp supports (multimedia, documents, even voice notes!)

WhatsApp Business Platform still doesn’t allow to process a payment through their interface. Still, they give businesses these options:

      • Redirect to external site: directly to a payment gateway after settling everything through a WhatsApp conversation.

      • Card on file: if your business already has information and permission, you can directly proceed with the transaction.

Lastly, Philip talked about the Entry Points, referring to the ways that users can initiate a WhatsApp conversation with you. He listed three categories:

        • Organic: “click to chat” or “wa.me” links and QR codes.

        • Paid: in any type of online and mobile adds and promotions

        • Offline: on product packaging, out-of-house advertising or even media news articles

Workshop: Get your WhatsApp Business Platform number for FREE

The practical part of the Master Class was presented by our Content Manager, Adelaida Mahiques.

She showed how you can get your WhatsApp Business Platform number with WOZTELL in less than 5 minutes!

The main points of the workshop were:

          • Create your FREE WOZTELL account

          • Get the WhatsApp Business Platform number

          • Prepare the WhatsApp number and account to start using them

You can check the whole tutorial here:

To wrap it up

We want to thank all the attendees that accompanied us during our first Master Class.

WhatsApp Business Platform is the key for businesses to improve their communications, and we are going to keep teaching all the benefits to you.

We hope you join us on the next one!

Get your free WhatsApp Business API number to take your conversations to the next level