How to attract customers to WhatsApp Business Platform with entry points

Even if you’re not yet familiar with the concept of entry points, it’s something that businesses use all the time. Here’s how to use WhatsApp Business Platform entry points to engage your customers.

Communications don’t just happen. Your customers see brand messages every day, from social media ads and emails to supermarket product labels.

Over time, brands around the world have recognized the need to use multiple communication channels, so if you want to stay competitive and relevant, it’s time for your company to join the trend.

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But do you know what multichannel communication is all about?

Multichannel communication is exactly what it sounds like: communication through multiple channels. By using it, you could, for example, send a text message or an email to your customers about your products and, at the same time, post them on your social networks and make an article on your blog.

Communicating with your customers through multiple channels is not a bad thing, far from it. But keep in mind that if you don’t follow good practices, you run the risk of damaging your brand’s reputation, dispersing information and disorienting your audience.

All types of marketing have some disadvantages to consider, and multichannel communication is no exception.

You can experience frustration when transferring the same information between platforms and inconsistencies can also arise between the appearance and level of customer service when you want to optimize with a multichannel marketing approach.

The silver lining? You can prevent this from happening by making sure you have a simple approach with entry points to encourage customers to communicate with your brand on WhatsApp Business Platform.

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Why use WhatsApp Business Platform and not another version?

At this point, it seems logical that as a company you should start setting up entry points on different channels. But, first you must develop a strategy to let your customers know that this new channel is available at every step of their journey.

For this you can create ads on social networks, create organic content or automate your brand’s responses. The latter is the best option, especially if you use WhatsApp Business Platform, as it is the most powerful version.

With this in mind, the idea of integrating CRMs to facilitate the teamwork of many agents and track information at every step of the customer journey is ideal.

Focused on a multichannel environment, CRMs help organize and filter lead information and define sales processes. They can also integrate various types of tools to add more features such as chatbots and live chats.

The API version of WhatsApp can help you improve communication with your customers from one place. This allows you to implement integrations of different channels so that your agents can respond quickly to all chats without confusing messages with other inboxes or dealing with other colleagues’ customers.

These are the entry points of WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp entry points are “gateways” that direct the customer to initiate a WhatsApp chat with a brand. These can be, for example, social media ads with a contact button to WhatsApp.

Take a look at the different entry points to direct your customers to the WhatsApp Business Platform:

Organic entry points

These are the ones that can be set up on social networks (such as Instagram and Facebook), websites and calls. They are known as “click-to-chat” entry points.

For example, to start a conversation via WhatsApp on a web page you must integrate click-to-chat buttons on the web page. By creating these entry points, the visitor can simply click a button to request more information about a product or get suggestions, tutorials, tips, among others.

So, when the customer clicks on the “Chat with us” button, that customer’s phone number is collected and a link is created that initiates a chat with them. When clicked, the conversation opens automatically.

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Did we mention that you can pay to create more entry points?

With WhatsApp Business Platform it is also possible to make ads on social networks with the same click-to-chat method.

You can add a “Send Message” button on your Facebook and Instagram ads to drive users to WhatsApp. This will open a conversation in your multi-channel inbox, making it possible for customers to contact you with just one click on an ad.

This combination of ads tied to a WhatsApp Business Platform account gives marketers the ability to reach their target audience with a specific message and personalized follow-up. Click-to-chat ads are an easy way to offer products and services by leveraging first-party conversational marketing.

Other types of paid entry points could be QR codes and shortened links. QR codes are booming, both digitally and physically. For example, they can be inserted or printed on paper catalogs, print ads or street ads or material as well as on any web page.

On the other hand, shortened links or “ links” include a phone number in international format. With one click, your customers can initiate a messaging conversation with your brand, even if they don’t have your company’s phone number saved in their phone or click through on their computer.

Take this into account 

Multichannel communication is one of the best ways to expand your customer base, increase their loyalty and get to know them better.

If you’re ready to set up entry points that take your marketing strategy to the next level, WOZTELL can help.

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