WhatsApp Business Mailing Lists

How to adjust your communication strategy based on ZOHO CRM

Let’s see a guide on how WhatsApp Business works and within this, the mailing lists. We will start by seeing how it is downloaded and installed. Then, we will see how to create a company profile. After that, we’ll see how to schedule quick replies and automated messages.

Therefore, we’ll look at what we’re most interested in, creating labels and mailing lists. Later we’ll be looking at the topic of statistical data. Finally, we will see the RGDP regulation and examples of use. Remember that with WOZTELL you have the opportunity to integrate WhatsApp into your business CRM. You can also integrate it into your e-commerce store or your online support system or HelpDesk.

How to download and install the application: whatsApp Business Mailing Lists

WhatsApp for Business is a free app that was designed for small and medium businesses. It has features to organise, automate, and quickly respond to messages. You can download the application from Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. You can also download it from the WhatsApp website.

Keep in mind that you cannot have two different Whatsapp Business and standard accounts on the same phone. In order to keep messages and chats from the standard account, you must back them up before accessing the new application you install.

To do this you can log in to your mobile device and in WhatsApp choose More options, Chats, Backup.

How to create your business profile.

Your business profile is something very important as it is the face that will show your company to the world. When you download the application you can design your business profile. You will be able to illustrate the profile by publishing information about your company, name, logo, address, hours, business category and description, email, or even a website.

Thus, users will be able to see this information in your business profile without having to search in other sources. To create your profile, open WhatsApp Business and go to More Options, Settings, Business Settings, and in the end Profile. Then press the Edit button. Complete the data and click on Save

Automated messages

These fast automated replies will allow you to save and resend the most frequently sent messages, which means that you can answer questions in a short period of time.

On the other hand, automated messages send messages that have been previously programmed when the user communicates with you on certain occasions.

One type of message you can send involves automated welcome messages. These can be sent automatically to first-time subscribers or to subscribers who have not written to you in two weeks. Note that you can set this up and change it as you see fit. For example, send only to those who are not in your address book.

To schedule and configure these messages go to More options, Company settings, and Welcome message. Another very useful message that can be configured with this feature is the automatic absence message. They can be programmed to be sent automatically to those users who contact you in these situations:

  • When your company is out of business hours. You must put the schedule in the profile.
  • At a different time from opening hours.
  • It can be set off at any time. These are useful when the business is closed for holidays.

To set this up, go to More options, Company settings and Leave messages.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Frequently asked questions can be accompanied by text and multimedia: you can set this up under More options, Company settings, Quick answers, click on the + sign in the upper right corner.
  • To configure the keyboard shortcut write the quick answer message you want. Then you must set the keyboard shortcut for that reply. It must be a sentence of up to 3 words or one word.

How can you use this type of response? You have to open the chat, type in the text box slash/ followed by the shortcut created. Choose a quick answer. The message will appear in the text box and you can edit it if you wish before sending it. This kind of answer will help you to save time and to be faster in thank you messages, to confirm orders, to send discount coupons, to answer frequently asked questions, etc.

How to create labels and mailing lists

You can create labels for the organization of chats and thus locate them more quickly and easily. They can be customised with different names and colours.

Moreover, you can create a label by clicking on a message or chat. Tap on Label and add an existing label or create a new one. To find a tagged chat or message, go to the chat tab, touch the profile picture, and touch contact. There, you can check the label that is associated with it.

As for the mailing lists are to be able to send messages to several contacts at the same time. This message will only arrive if the contact has you saved. It is sent as an individual message not creating a group. The recipients will be stored. By using this list you can send another message to the same contacts without having to select them individually. This way you can, for example, send promotional messages to targeted customers.

To create these messages go to Settings, New broadcast, choose contacts, write down what do you want to say and send.

See how to create mailing lists for recipients with certain labels.

Go to Chats, More options, and then Tags. Choose the label you want to send the message to. Tap More Options and after that send messages to X Label. Click the green confirmation button, type your message, and send it.

WhatsApp Business Statistics

You can view various statistics on communications with WhatsApp. To do this, go to More Options, Enterprise Settings, and Statistics. Remember that with WOZTELL you can see much more statistical data by having WhatsApp integrated into your CRM.


This is the legal aspect to be able to comply with everything as it should with WhatsApp. By doing so, you comply with the data protection law and are sure not to be reported or sanctioned. The customer is informed about the processing and use of data to consent on providing the information and the way to unsubscribe from this service if it’s necessary.


For a cooking course education centre you can use labels like:

  • teachers,
  • courses,
  • collaborating companies,
  • students,
  • suppliers.

The quick answers that can be designed and saved would be, for example, of gratitude: Shortcut/Thank you.

Another example would be a quick response to a student asking about courses. “Thank you for contacting us and being interested in the courses.” Shortcut: Account.

Quick responses to student account inquiries. “For confirmation of your enrollment, please make a deposit on the account X. Once you make the deposit, send us a picture of it. Thank you very much.

Shortcut/Transit example. The quick answer to the question about where to do a certain procedure. “Registration is done on the web. You have to enter site X and follow the detailed instructions there.

As for the mailing lists that can be sent based on this type of label, we have the following:

Students: informative lists about new courses, visits from top chefs, training events, and may more!
Teachers: lists about deadlines for sending notes. News from the educational centre, deadlines for holiday requests.
Collaborating companies: lists about registrations for the application of students for internships.

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