WOZTELL in ZOHO MarketPlace

The First Verified WhatsApp Business Extension in ZOHO MarketPlace

We are very thrilled to announce that ZOHO has published on their MarketPlace our integration of WhatsApp Business with ZOHO CRM as the first Verified WhatsApp Business extension.

What is Zoho MarketPlace?

Zoho MarketPlace is an incredible platform where ZOHO publishes extensions, custom apps, and solutions, among others. To complement ZOHO tools and achieve the best user experience, making each business meet its needs in the best way.

But not just any other extension has ZOHO approved. Before being published, there is an exhaustive validation process, in which ZOHO makes sure that everything works accordingly within the tool and verifies the quality and legality at the same time.

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You can read how ZOHO disconnected the Fake WhatsApp from APIWHA

Fortunately, in WOZTELL we have all this controlled, since we are the first and only, this days, official WhatsApp Business extension for ZOHO CRM, verified by Facebook. Therefore, there is no possibility that WhatsApp will leave your business without service because with WOZTELL you will follow all the rules established by the company so that will not happen.

Moreover, one of the best.

How can I access the extension from the ZOHO MarketPlace?

It’s a piece of cake, just enter the ZOHO MarketPlace and type the word WOZTELL in the search engine. It will immediately pop up the WOZTELL extension:

You can also enter the extension directly by clicking here.

As you can see, you’ll have all the information required about the extension. In addition, you’ll get screenshots on how the tool works, and even a video explaining the main functions of this tool.

It is imperative that you always try to use verified tools to avoid future problems. You can check the following post about the reasons why rejecting unofficial WhatsApp.

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