WhatsApp Business API messaging concepts

Instant Messaging is the present and the future and when the rules of the game are designed by an industry heavy weight like WhatsApp, it becomes easier for businesses to benefit from them. Session messages, Template Messages, Bulk and broadcast messages are the game changing new messaging concepts introduced by WhatsApp.

Learn all about them and use them to your benefit.


Hi there my name is Taushik Mandal. I represent the sales team at Woztell.

And.. in this video we’ll learn about WhatsApp´s brand new messaging concepts for WABA users.

WhatsApp is very particular about maintaining the main metrics of its environment which is almost 100% open rate for all messages. 

Session messages, template messages, and bulk and broadcast messages are the three new messaging concepts designed by WhatsApp. They give you the power of conversational commerce and at the same time prevent abuse of the environment. Lemme explain, how.

When your customer begins a WhatsApp chat, they start a 24 hour window of conversation with you with their first message. As long as this customer continues to chat, this session keeps rolling over. All received and sent messages in this period are called session messages and have no charge.

Now, there will be times when you might need to speak to a customer, but there may not be an open session. To invite the customer to message in again and start a new session, you must send a saved or also known as template message which can be like this: “Hi I have looked into the pending items of our previous conversation, please type ‘yes’ to continue”. Only this message will have a cost and as soon as the customer, replies back with a text, a new session is established where all incoming and outgoing messages will have no charge, once again.

Businesses have to follow the best practices defined by WhatsApp and prepare template messages accordingly, before using them. These templates also have to be verified by WhatsApp and once approved, they’ll help to automate follow-up activities and create better engagement with customers.

Use of broadcast messages comes handy when you have to provide a mass update to your customer base by running Campaigns from the CRM, and also broadcast messages are useful for sending payment updates, shipping updates, and abandoned cart recovery notifications. You can have templates created for these scenarios and they are chargeable when sent outside of a 24 hour session.

Here is an example of cost based messaging.

Arthur flew into his destination and found out his luggage was misplaced by the airline company. At 9:15 AM, a stressed out Arthur, sends in a message on the airline’s WhatsApp helpline, requesting information on his luggage. This message starts the session and all messages hereinafter are in session and are not charged. The airline then requests Arthur the tracking number of his luggage, which Arthur provides at 9:20 AM which further extends the session to 9:20 on the following day. The airline in fact sends him an update immediately at 9:21 AM.

The following day, at 11:05 AM, the airline company sends in a message requesting Arthur to confirm if he is still available for the luggage drop off. As this message is out of the session, this is a template message and the airline company bears a cost for this. With Arthur’s confirmation reply, a new session is established once again, which will last till 11:20 on the following day.

Go on our website to discover the costs for templates in different geographies, using this link. The cost calculator will help you arrive at an estimate for messaging costs on WABA, depending on the destination of your template messages.

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