WhatsApp Broadcast Messages

Send thousands of WhatsApp messages in the simplest way to enhance your marketing results, increase sales, and improve notifications to your customers.

Achieve a 95% open rate with your users’ favorite channel, communicate all kinds of actions with the exclusive elements of WhatsApp Cloud, and turn each interaction into a business opportunity.

Mass messaging will boost your Marketing

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WhatsApp vs Email

Open rate

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages Open rate

Click rate

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages click rate

Conversion rate

WhatsApp Broadcast Messages conversion rate
Email 100.000 $299 $0 $299 15.000 300 18 $50 $900 2.01
WhatsApp 100.000 $399 $0,05 $5,399 95.000 57.000 3.420 $50 $171.000 30,67
CHANNEL Email WhatsApp
NUMBER OF RECIPIENTS 100.000 100.000
COST PER SAAS $299 $399
INVESTMENT $299 $5,399
OPENED 15.000 95.000
CLICKED 300 57.000
SALES 18 3.420
NET SALES $900 $171.000
ROI 2.01 $30,67

Broadcast WhatsApp messages for Marketing

Discover the unlimited power of WhatsApp Cloud’s mass messaging! You can send WhatsApp messages to any database without restrictions on the number of shipments. What’s most important for your business is that you can measure the impact of your campaigns in real time, thanks to its detailed metrics on open rates and interaction.

With WhatsApp’s mass messaging for marketing, the possibilities are endless: from re-engaging databases to launching irresistible offers and flash promotions valid for 24 hours.

You’ll have access to exclusive messages that only WhatsApp Cloud users can utilize, such as Messages with Buttons, Carousels, Products, and messages that disappear in less than 24 hours, perfect for creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity in your offers.

Broadcast WhatsApp messages for your daily operations

Broadcast WhatsApp messages for your daily operations

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually sending the same messages daily.

With our innovative solution, you can automate your communications on a massive scale and efficiently for any operation that requires sending notifications.

WOZTELL offers seamless integration with popular tools like Zapier and other No-Code platforms. This means you can easily connect with your calendars, CRM systems, or your ERP and automate those messages that you used to send manually or through other channels like email or SMS.

With WOZTELL, you can focus on what truly matters while we keep your customers informed and engaged.

Broadcast WhatsApp Messages for Customer Service

Offer your customers a unique and personalized experience. Respond to their inquiries, solve problems, and foster a lasting relationship, all through WhatsApp.

You can carry out WhatsApp bulk messaging for any occasion, whether to fill out an NPS survey powered by a chatbot or to request feedback on your new releases or experiences.

Woztell also allows you to have a multi-agent and multi-channel Inbox, allowing you to optimize your efforts with a single conversational platform.

WhatsApp Bulk Messaging for Customer Service
Respond with AI your broadcast messages on WhatsApp

Respond with AI your broadcast messages on WhatsApp

After sending broadcast messages, you can direct your customers to your website or any web address.

However, you can also conclude your interaction with the customer via WhatsApp. For this, you can use the WOZTELL INBOX, where your agents can handle all kinds of inquiries after sending this bulk message.

Nevertheless, if you want this to be a scalable action, you can activate simple chatbots with our more than 100 free pre-designed templates or even activate Chatbots with ChatGPT.

How do I start sending Broadcast Messages?

You need to have a Woztell account and link your WhatsApp Cloud API

Our team will help you create your first micro chatbot and give you access to our LiveChat Inbox to manage WhatsApp Cloud conversations.

Start with us with an exclusive offer of $99/month, valid only for the first 100 WhatsApp Cloud customers.

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What type of WhatsApp should I use for Broadcast Messages?

We are partners with WhatsApp Cloud API, so we recommend using WhatsApp Cloud. Utilizing WhatsApp Business may block your number and limit you to only 250 people in bulk messaging without traceability.

How can I start sending WhatsApp Broadcast Messages?

Create an account at https://platform.woztell.com/signup, sync your WhatsApp number, and once you have a paid WOZTELL account, you can send WhatsApp Broadcast Messages. To start for free, you can send broadcast messages on Instagram or Facebook.

How much does it cost to send Broadcast Messages via WhatsApp?

Costs vary by recipient country. For example, in the USA, it’s $0.030 per marketing message, while in the UK, it’s $0.085. Total Cost depends on the country and the type of template you want to send.

See all template sending prices worldwide here: https://woztell.com/whatsapp-conversation-based-pricing/

5,000 WhatsApp messages to US recipients
5,000*0.030 = Estimated Cost $150

Cost breakdown:
5,000 Messages Sent
2,500 Messages Received
2,500 Messages Not received / error (Unreceived or error messages are not charged)
Total Cost: $75

Can I see the results of these WhatsApp Marketing actions?

Yes, you can access metrics in our Dashboard, including open rates. WOZTELL’s tool also shows messages that were not successfully delivered.

Does WOZTELL offer any help or discount?

We’re happy to help. Our Growth and Agency plans include a KAM to assist you with bulk messaging on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. For significant volumes, ask our team about discounts.

Is there an extra cost for chatbots in WOZTELL?

No, our paid plans allow you to use all the chatbots your company needs to optimize each part of your funnel.