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Are you ready for WhatsApp API?

  • Do you want to future proof your brand?
  • Do you want to improve the efficiency of your agents?
  • Do you want to improve customer satisfaction rate?
  • Do you want to find an easy channel to better connect with your leads, customers, suppliers?

If your answer to any of these questions is ´Yes´ then WhatsApp Business API is for you.

Woztell´s solution is developed on top of WABA. Use it effectively for…

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WhatsApp is the preferred channel for leads and customers. Talk to them where they are most likely to be spending their time.

  • 2.5x higher conversion
  • Duplicate agent efficiency
  • Shift from calls to instant messaging…
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Customer Support

It is in the very first moments of contact that customers are most vulnerable to emotions. Use WABA to provide equal attention to all customers.

  • Customer first approach
  • 400x increase in efficiency
  • Better engagement
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Increase direct communication with customers and boost engagement with Push notifications on WhatsApp.  

  • Stronger emotional bonds
  • 100% open rate
  • Easy channel
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Create excitement and reach customers in a unique and engaging way with improved results.

  • Gamify camapigns
  • 7x more quality visitors
  • 3.5x more conversions

For branding


Verified Business Profile

It is now very easy to have your own verified business profile on WhatsApp, by following the environments best practices defined by WhatsApp.



All chats are displayed with your company logo, eliminating the additional task of customers having to save your number in their phones.


Green Check

More and more e-commerce buyers want to work with verified businesses. There is no better way to stand out from the competition than having a green check status on your WhatsApp business profile.

For communication



It is no longer a personal WhatsApp or a company WhatsApp on one phone. It is a communication channel for all employees on a single platform.


Multiple Agents

With the API, all your agents will now chat with customers on the company’s official WhatsApp line, encouraging a collaborative approach.



Are you expanding to other markets? Get localized with a WhatsApp number for each country. When in Rome, be a Roman.


Multi Brand

Don’t leave your customers stuck in a queue in the primary line of business. Every brand you own can have a direct WhatsApp channel for specific clientele.


All In One Platform

Whether for multiple agents, multiple brands or location, your business communication platform remains the same. One centralised hub, but with multiple facets.



WhatsApp Logs

An eminent personality once rightly said that “data trumps emotion”. As every conversation you have is recorded, your decision-making evolves into a scalable methodology.


Message Status

All messages are logged, respectively, with the statuses of Sent, Delivered, Success, Read, Error, Entered and Left. So don’t just send messages, get operational intelligence from them.


Time Stamp

If you want to recommend to your customer when to replenish their stocks, automate a reminder using the timestamp of their last purchase confirmation message.


Agent Performance

Clone your best agent by tracking the performance of all agents and share best practices of top performers with the team.


Campaign Efficiency

Segment your leads and customers based on previous engagements, and develop deeper ties with loyal customers by conducting effective brand communication campaigns.



Chatbots and Humans are a perfect match. Provide 24/7 service and expand to new markets where your human agents are Generals and the chatbots your foot soldiers.


Follow Ups

Automate your follow up activities with template message automation and improve agent efficiency.


Pre Qualification

Train your chatbot to completely automate your repetitive sales prequalification routine and reduce your sales timeline.


Register Lead in CRM

Using Webhooks, capture the lead information in your CRM completely removing manual labor for this activity.



Send automated WhatsApp messages based on an activity or trigger on your website, your social media campaigns, etc.



Woztell is the number 1 native integration on the market for the Zoho Universe. Using Zoho Flow connect with more than 500 applications; using Zapier, connect with 3000+ outside of Zoho environment.


Zoho CRM

The most popular integration of Woztell is with Zoho CRM, a one-stop-shop for all your WhatsApp communications.


Zoho Desk

Resolve and track support tickets in specific WhatsApp channels and have all communication history centrally stored in Zoho Desk.



Zapier allows for a no code integration of Shopify with Woztell. Recover more abandoned carts than ever before by sending a notification on the customer’s WhatsApp.



Send payment confirmation receipts or even a payment reminder to your customer’s WhatsApp.

Even more features!


Share your Link, Not Number

WABA link gets you more traffic on your website and conversion to more direct conversations, with quality leads.


Leave a footprint

Your chat remains on customers’ WhatsApp creating easy retention for future communication.


WhatsApp in Email Signature

Sign each email with a link from your WhatsApp, reducing response time for key decisions.


Higher ranking

More visitors to your website will directly improve ranking in search engine results.

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