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Are you ready to boost your company sales with WhatsApp?

Join us for a Demo session and discover how to use WhatsApp integrated with Zoho CRM as the main channel of communication with your customers.

Why should you attend the demo?


WhatsApp has almost a 100% open rate.

Reduce ´time to sales´ by at least 50% by eliminating the delay in receiving responses from leads via emails. Shorter the sales cycle, the higher your sales.


Automate your communication

A Chatbot for WhatsApp will allow you to provide 24/7 service. Automate your sales follow up activities with template messages.


Unified communication

All your agents will use a single chat platform that is automatically synced with your company´s CRM. View all conversations in the profile of the customer. Even for multiple numbers, the platform remains unified.


Report results

Management is all about having operational information that you can use to make the right decisions to improve your business results. Woztell´s solution will empower you to take actions with WhatsApp data.

The future of communication is dynamic and immediate. We invite you to be ahead of time. Join the demo, and welcome aboard. 😉

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What Will You See?

WhatsApp API + Zoho CRM.

WhatsApp in sales

We will show you market data on how you can boost sales with WhatsApp


What's Woztell

Learn all we can provide to your business


Case story

Imagine having a digital transformation using WhatsApp.


How to use it

Don’t listen to us, see it working with Zoho for yourself.

Who will be your guide?


Taushik Mandal

Inside Sales Account Executive, Woztell
WhatsApp Business Solutions


Monique Almeida

Chief Customer Officer at Woztell

Sharing happiness

We have the paid version and it works perfectly! We are in Mexico and we have very good communication with the Woztell team, even we are in different time zones. The process involved with Facebook takes time for authorizations but this is a long term tool that can change the way your brands or business communicate with clients. I really recommend pay it and enjoy.

Jose Antonio Munguía Saldaña

Indie Rocks

All of us who live in Argentina know how complicated it is to call mobile phones. From a landline put the 15 in front, from a mobile put the area code… if you are calling from outside you have to put a 9 in front and take out the 15… Taking into account this local limitation in Argentina, Woztell is an excellent solution that goes far beyond simply displaying WAP messages in CRM.

Clara Buffa

Buffa Sistemas S.R.L.

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