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Send and Receive WhatsApps from your ZOHO Suite.

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Why integrate WhatsApp with Zoho?

With the WOZTELL integration, you can seamlessly send and receive messages from potential customers and contacts directly within your Zoho Suite.

Harness the power of WhatsApp Cloud API with Zoho CRM, Zoho Cliq, Zoho DESK, Zoho Flow, and many more. Not only can you integrate WhatsApp Cloud, but you can also efficiently manage direct messages from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and webchat conversations. WOZTELL presents a comprehensive conversational solution for your Zoho Suite.

Experience live chat functionality, enabling you to effortlessly exchange text and multimedia messages, automate processes, implement chatbots, send Broadcast Messages, and much more.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and webchat conversations


Main Features

Native Integration approved by Zoho Marketplace

Create contact/lead automatically

Start conversations inside Zoho

Send and receive text & media messages

Check Opt-out customers

Native Integration approved by Zoho Marketplace
Create contact/lead automatically
Start conversations inside Zoho
Send and receive text & media messages
Check Opt-out customers
Integration with WHATSAPP and ZOHO CRM ready to use

Integration with WhatsApp and Zoho CRM ready to use

WOZTELL and Zoho CRM, the perfect pair to enhance your sales results.

Improve your company’s communications through WOZTELL in a simple and unified manner, all within your Zoho CRM.

With the WOZTELL extension for Zoho CRM, your team will be able to:

Automatically create new contacts and leads.
Initiate a WhatsApp conversation directly within CRM.
Check WhatsApp client opt-out status.
Set up a welcome message on each channel.
Send WhatsApp templates.

Integration with WHATSAPP and ZOHO CRM ready to use
WhatsApp Cloud and Zoho DESK

WhatsApp Cloud and Zoho Desk

Enhance customer engagement on WhatsApp

Elevate your customer service experience with the seamless integration of WOZTELL between Zoho Desk and WhatsApp Cloud. This integration operates intuitively, allowing you to convert user conversations into manual support tickets effortlessly.

With this feature, you can:

Generate support tickets directly from incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages.
Transform Instagram and Facebook Messenger conversations into actionable tickets.
Establish linked tickets complete with contact information, names, and phone numbers. You also have the flexibility to assign customized labels to these tickets within Zoho Desk.

Native Integration of WhatsApp Cloud and ZOHO Cliq

Native integration of WhatsApp Cloud and Zoho Cliq

Harness the Power of WhatsApp and Zoho Cliq in unison with WOZTELL

Experience seamless synergy through our native integration, enabling you to:

Effortlessly receive and dispatch text and multimedia messages across platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and your website.

Seamlessly add multiple team members to the same conversation while swiftly assigning tasks with utmost ease.

Forge Zoho Cliq automations based on received responses.

Trigger assignment rules grounded in straightforward criteria or even employ chatbots for efficient team redirection.

Gain comprehensive control over comments and direct messages from Facebook and Instagram, centralizing your business communication within a unified inbox.

Native Integration of WhatsApp Cloud and ZOHO Cliq
Zoho Flow and WhatsApp

Zoho Flow and WhatsApp

Leverage the power of Zoho Flow to seamlessly integrate WOZTELL with over 650 apps, all without the need for coding. Free up your time by automating tasks that divert your focus from your core strengths.

With Zoho Flow’s user-friendly, no-code solution, you can seamlessly collaborate with WOZTELL, enabling you to:

Effortlessly dispatch WhatsApp Templates and session messages triggered directly from your preferred app.

Initiate actions upon receiving a WhatsApp message.

Activate responses upon sending a WhatsApp message.

Set off actions as soon as a WhatsApp message is delivered.

Prompt actions once a WhatsApp message is read.

Experience automation at its finest with our dedicated Zoho Flow and Woztell native extension, automating a wide array of actions effortlessly.


Zoho Recruit with WhatsApp

Unlock the power to connect with essential talent for your company directly through WhatsApp, enabling you to foster closer relationships and receive immediate responses to your queries.

The features of this robust Zoho Recruit extension alongside WhatsApp open up a world of posibilites:

Consolidate multiple messaging platforms, including WhatsApp Cloud API, Facebook, Instagram, and web chats, all within your Zoho Projects account.

Streamline conversations through automated workflows and chatbots, seamlessly manageable via WOZTELL LiveChat.

Retain complete control over Zoho Recruit users directly from the WOZTELL LiveChat platform.

Efficiently allocate tasks based on agent availability and roles, thus expediting the workflow process.

Elevate your selection process to new heights of effectiveness and intimacy with the perfect fusion of Zoho Recruit and WhatsApp, bolstered by the exceptional features of WOZTELL.

Zoho Projects and WhatsApp

Zoho Projects and WhatsApp

Plan your tasks with Zoho Projects and WhatsApp. You can communicate with both internal collaborators and external partners through WhatsApp.

Receive immediate responses to urgent tasks from your team members. Send updates on task statuses and also receive requests from clients or internal sources, which you can directly associate with Zoho Projects without leaving the platform.

With this application, you can:

Unify multiple messaging platforms, including WhatsApp Cloud API, Facebook, Instagram, and web chats.

Streamline conversations through automated workflows and chatbots.

Efficiently distribute tasks based on the availability and roles of your collaborators, streamlining internal communication with WhatsApp.

Optimize your productivity. Make task communications a simple and hassle-free process—just as easy as sending a WhatsApp message with all the details.

official integration with zoho marketplace

Official Integrations with Zoho Marketplace


Customer Success Stories

Draw inspiration from these real-world examples of clients benefiting from our seamless integration between WhatsApp and Zoho:
IMF Success Story with WhatsApp

70% automated support requests

Longevita<br />
Turismo Médico

Reduced annual lead generation by $40,000

Insurance WhatsApp Solution

Quadrupled their sales in 6 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ChatGPT integrate with WhatsApp API on WOZTELL?
It integrates with WhatsApp API through WOZTELL, using our advanced integrations and extensions that allow efficient synchronization between both services. This facilitates automation and personalization of conversations on WhatsApp using artificial intelligence.
Can I customize ChatGPT's behavior to fit my business?
Yes, it can be fully customized to suit the specific needs of your business. This includes adjusting the tone of voice, personality, creativity level, and other aspects of the assistant’s behavior to align with your brand and business goals.
How does ChatGPT help improve customer support on WhatsApp?
It improves WhatsApp customer support by delivering swift, precise, and personalized responses to customer inquiries. This increases the efficiency of support and improves the user experience, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty.
How is ChatGPT used to optimize marketing and sales strategies?
ChatGPT is used in marketing and sales to automate lead generation and qualification, send promotional messages, and improve the sales process. This results in a more efficient and targeted approach to reaching and converting prospects.
Can ChatGPT integrate with my CRM systems and other business tools?
Yes, WOZTELL can integrate with various CRM systems and business tools, enabling smoother data management and greater efficiency in business operations.
Can external databases with ChatGPT be used for more accurate responses?
You can connect ChatGPT with external databases to provide more accurate and relevant responses, especially for delivering up-to-date and business-specific information.
How is ChatGPT trained to understand my industry and business better?
It is trained using specific information from your industry and business, including terminology, processes, information about services and products, and relevant use cases. This is done by providing data and specific examples that help the AI understand and respond appropriately to queries related to your sector.
Can ChatGPT assist my agents with response suggestions and conversation analysis?
Yes, it can assist agents by providing response suggestions based on context and real-time analysis of ongoing conversations, which helps improve the quality and efficiency of customer interactions.
How does WOZTELL ensure security and privacy in conversations managed by ChatGPT?
WOZTELL ensures security and privacy by complying with current data protection regulations, using encryption, and implementing other security measures to protect the information transmitted and stored in conversations managed by ChatGPT.
Can you connect with ChatGPT GPTs?
Yes, connecting with different GPTs in your ChatGPT account is possible, allowing for a wide range of functionalities and advanced customization options tailored to different needs and contexts of use.
How much does the integration cost?
The cost of integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp API through WOZTELL with its basic features is free. For special projects, it varies depending on the scope and complexity of the implementation. Contact us directly for a personalized quote that fits the specific needs of your business.
What do I need to get started?

You need a paid WOZTELL account and OpenAI API access to these features.