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Intelligent Conversations with WhatsApp and ChatGPT

Combine the efficiency of WhatsApp API with the intelligence of ChatGPT to increase sales and reduce costs.

Create chatbots connected to your GPTs with the following:
Customer information and conversation context Your company's context Hyper-personalized response suggestions Conversation analysis

Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Meta Business Partner and WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

GPT and WhatsApp from ChatGpt

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What you can achieve with ChatGPT on WhatsApp

Every conversation matters. Boost customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by combining ChatGPT with WhatsApp. Gain unique communications, instant responses, and support for your agents, all in one integration. You’ll achieve more sales faster and reduce your costs.

ChatGPT for Customer Support

Help your customers with ChatGPT: Immediate, personalized, and accurate responses to enhance customer experience and loyalty.

  • Instant support on WhatsApp through chatbots
  • Available 24/7
  • Use your knowledge database
  • Define your chatbot’s behavior
  • Integrated with your ticket management tools
  • Real-time assistance to your agents
  • Connection with other channels like Facebook or Instagram

ChatGPT for Marketing and Sales

Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing and sales approaches with ChatGPT: Automatically generate and qualify quality leads, personalize your promotional messages, and close sales more effectively, all within WhatsApp.

  • Automatically qualify your leads
  • Modify conversation flow based on customer choices
  • Integrated with your CRM tools
  • Summarize the conversation
  • Check the conversation status and the right time to close the sale
  • Offer response suggestions and next steps for a conversation

ChatGPT for eCommerce

Enhance the shopping experience in your native WhatsApp stores by offering personalized assistance, intelligent recommendations, and exceptional customer service with ChatGPT integration.

  • Provide tailored suggestions from your product catalog
  • Integrated with your WhatsApp online store
  • Real-time response to customer queries

ChatGPT for Internal Communication

Transform internal communication with ChatGPT: Streamline information flow and improve team training.

  • Create assistants with your company’s internal knowledge to assist your employees.
  • Use AI and WhatsApp to distribute tailored training plans.
  • Integrated with your HR tools.
  • Turn WhatsApp into your employees’ assistant, with access to their schedules and tasks.

WhatsApp and GPT from ChatGpt

Create your GPTs and connect them to WhatsApp

ChatGpt’s Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) allow you to customize ChatGPT’s use for specific purposes based on the information you can share with this AI model. You can train this model with FAQs and PDFs, provide detailed instructions, personalize the response tone, and more.

With WOZTELL, you can connect your ChatGPT GPT to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Webchat to address customer or lead inquiries. Not only based on general information and the model’s configuration instructions. You can unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

chatbot on WhatsApp for sales

Want to see ChatGPT in action?

Plus, leverage all the exclusive features of WhatsApp Cloud API and WOZTELL

Our chatbots use WhatsApp’s exclusive features, allowing the use of buttons, lists, and WhatsApp Flow. It also allows you to use the rest of WOZTELL’s features, such as its integrations and the exclusive live chat manager.

  • Multi-agent and multi-channel live chat tool
  • Pre-designed integrations with different technologies
  • Solutions for eCommerce and conversational payments
  • Customize responses based on user behavior with WhatsApp objects
  • Configure ChatGPT to act in the entire chatbot or only at specific times
  • Security and privacy in your conversations

Available Features

Training and Context

  • Develop your organization’s specific context to make your AI assistant smarter
  • Real-time updates to the assistant’s knowledge with feedback from your customers and team
  • Connect your channels with ChatGPT GPTs for limitless advanced customization and training options


The AI can remember the conversation and act accordingly:

  • Define how many previous messages you want the AI to consider
  • Personalize responses based on this information


Define how you want the AI to behave:

  • Personality
  • Tone of voice
  • Creativity level
  • Response structure
  • Define where you want the AI to act:
    • In response to free-text messages
    • In specific chatbot nodes


Ask your AI assistant internally about the conversations:

  • Summarize the conversation
  • Ask for response suggestions
  • Ask for conversation analysis

ChatGPT works with all channels

ChatGPT works with WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger
Discover how this extension can enhance your results. Ready for artificial intelligence to take your conversations to a new level?

Custom solutions development between ChatGPT and WhatsApp

While the combination of ChatGPT and WhatsApp is robust, with custom developments, we take that power to the next level.

Our team can help you tailor ChatGPT to your business’s specific needs and challenges, ensuring unique solutions for each area of your organization.

Integration with all types of systems

Benefit from seamless integration between ChatGPT and your enterprise systems.

Example: In marketing, combining CRM with AI on WhatsApp enables automatic customer segmentation and message sending based on purchase history

Use of external databases

Maximize your conversations using your databases to generate highly relevant and business-aligned responses.

Example: In sales, when a potential customer inquires about a specific product on WhatsApp, the AI can access the database to provide up-to-date information on availability and shipping options


Mold your assistant to the specifics of your industry and business and the feedback collected, improving its accuracy and relevance.

Example: In operations, by training your assistant with industry-specific terminology and processes, you ensure that responses are consistent and tailored to each situation.

Providing feedback based on conversation analysis

Use real-time analysis to enhance the user experience and provide valuable feedback to your teams.

Example: In customer support, artificial intelligence can suggest specific responses or actions to regain the customer’s trust after detecting low customer satisfaction in a conversation.

Proactive automation

Discover the power of anticipating customer needs and offering solutions before they know the need.

Example: In sales, after identifying a series of recurring queries on WhatsApp about a specific product, the assistant can automatically send promotions or detailed information about that product, turning curiosity into a potential sale.

On-demand personalization

Give your users control over their conversation experience, adapting to their preferences and ensuring meaningful interactions.

Example: In marketing, if a user prefers to receive information about local events, the bot, via WhatsApp, can send them advertisements and details only about those specific events, increasing relevance and engagement.

Integration with analytics platforms

Combine AI intelligence with advanced analytics tools and gain a clear and actionable view of how your customers interact with your brand on WhatsApp.

Example: In operations, by analyzing conversation trends, you can identify areas for improvement or processes that need optimization and take action based on accurate
and current data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ChatGPT integrate with WhatsApp API on WOZTELL?
It integrates with WhatsApp API through WOZTELL, using our advanced integrations and extensions that allow efficient synchronization between both services. This facilitates automation and personalization of conversations on WhatsApp using artificial intelligence.
Can I customize ChatGPT's behavior to fit my business?
Yes, it can be fully customized to suit the specific needs of your business. This includes adjusting the tone of voice, personality, creativity level, and other aspects of the assistant’s behavior to align with your brand and business goals.
How does ChatGPT help improve customer support on WhatsApp?
It improves WhatsApp customer support by delivering swift, precise, and personalized responses to customer inquiries. This increases the efficiency of support and improves the user experience, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty.
How is ChatGPT used to optimize marketing and sales strategies?
ChatGPT is used in marketing and sales to automate lead generation and qualification, send promotional messages, and improve the sales process. This results in a more efficient and targeted approach to reaching and converting prospects.
Can ChatGPT integrate with my CRM systems and other business tools?
Yes, WOZTELL can integrate with various CRM systems and business tools, enabling smoother data management and greater efficiency in business operations.
Can external databases with ChatGPT be used for more accurate responses?
You can connect ChatGPT with external databases to provide more accurate and relevant responses, especially for delivering up-to-date and business-specific information.
How is ChatGPT trained to understand my industry and business better?
It is trained using specific information from your industry and business, including terminology, processes, information about services and products, and relevant use cases. This is done by providing data and specific examples that help the AI understand and respond appropriately to queries related to your sector.
Can ChatGPT assist my agents with response suggestions and conversation analysis?
Yes, it can assist agents by providing response suggestions based on context and real-time analysis of ongoing conversations, which helps improve the quality and efficiency of customer interactions.
How does WOZTELL ensure security and privacy in conversations managed by ChatGPT?
WOZTELL ensures security and privacy by complying with current data protection regulations, using encryption, and implementing other security measures to protect the information transmitted and stored in conversations managed by ChatGPT.
Can you connect with ChatGPT GPTs?
Yes, connecting with different GPTs in your ChatGPT account is possible, allowing for a wide range of functionalities and advanced customization options tailored to different needs and contexts of use.
How much does the integration cost?
The cost of integrating ChatGPT with WhatsApp API through WOZTELL with its basic features is free. For special projects, it varies depending on the scope and complexity of the implementation. Contact us directly for a personalized quote that fits the specific needs of your business.
What do I need to get started?

You need a paid WOZTELL account and OpenAI API access to these features.