The news in WhatsApp 2020 is important for companies using WOZTELL

Let’s see WhatsApp 2020 News. WhatsApp is going to have a major transformation this year. Facebook is going to leverage WhatsApp’s great reputation in order to provide more and better services. A few years ago, it was unthinkable that an instant messaging application would have the success that WhatsApp has and the ability to create this type of business. It has almost replaced text messaging likewise traditional phone calls. Even email has been drained too.

Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and knows that it has a great potential to develop. During this year, it’s expected to bring about a number of changes that will have a positive impact on its users. The changes will be progressive and you will be able to see them step by step in the application. Let’s take a look at some of news that we must be aware of.

More WhatsApp 2020 News

The dark mode is one of the innovates coming this year. You will be able to change what WhatsApp looks like with a dark layout. You will be able to see the menus along with the maps in the applications, maps, notifications, and other tabs. This allows you to have a better view of your mobile when you have less sunlight in your environment. In addition, it optimizes battery usage, and therefore the autonomy of the phone.

Another new feature of WhatsApp 2020 is the identification with QR code. It is a function that can be done with applications such as Facebook Messenger. Users can be identified by means of QR codes and contacts can be added to a phonebook without having to know the telephone number. This speeds up manual processes and there is also the option for the user to choose not to have a QR code if required.

This function is very useful for companies because through WhatsApp Business they can open communication channels with customers. It will be easier for them to sell products through the application counting customer service.

The proprietary browser is another new aspect of WhatsApp in 2020. This makes the application much more convenient for viewing chats just from the same place. This further enhances the features of WOZTELL that already include the ability to view and manage everything within the CRM.

The ability to navigate within the application gives a great advantage to Facebook to retain users and also protects them from links that can be malignant.

Chat searches are improved. This makes it easier to find chats. Remember that WOZTELL already allows you to find conversations because everything is saved. So, you can study and analyze the conversations with the purpose of improving practices in sales, customer service, marketing, logistics, among others.

In addition to text messages, you can search for multimedia items such as images and videos.

Instagram features will be brought to WhatsApp. For example, the improvement to be able to take pictures and share them with chats. You will be able to apply new filters to images taken in real-time and you will be able to make boomerangs which are sort of short animations.

Expired messages will also be added. Thus, you can set the way and time in which the messages will be deleted. Hence, the user can set the date when he wants to delete a message without leaving any trace.

It is also possible to avoid being added to a group that the user don’t want to be part in. This could already be done in the middle of the year. The user’s permission will be required before being added to a group. You will also be able to construct who can add it and set up filters.

Audios will be made more accessible from the notifications.

Without having to enter the application, the user will be able to listen to an audio from the notification tab. This will be very useful for situations where it is more complicated to manipulate the mobile device like when you are driving a vehicle, for example.

Better user segmentation can be established. This will allow you to differentiate better between business and user accounts. For companies, it will be easier to separate between customers and suppliers. It will be possible to segment categories by types of users, customers, leads, etc.

In a nutshell, there will be very positive news for those who use WhatsApp for business and for those who already enjoy WOZTELL. See all the advantages you have with WOZTELL in your organization in this post: Add WOZTELL to take advantage of WhatsApp Business. Contact us for more information.

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