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What is WhatsApp Cloud?

And why can’t you download this version to your phone

It is designed to allow companies to scale their communications and access new functionalities that improve interaction with their customers.

 It is a programming interface in the cloud that allows connectivity between WhatsApp and other systems.

 Allows infinite integration possibilities.

The different versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger
It is the WhatsApp we are used to and the one we use to communicate with our family and friends.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business
This version allows some functionalities that are not available in the version for personal use, allowing a better professional management.

WhatsApp CLOUD

WhatsApp CLOUD
Focused on offering a scalable system for companies that want to turn WhatsApp into a communication channel with their customers.

It enables dozens of functionalities that are not available in the other versions.

And although Cloud is the only version in which you have to pay, the costs are adapted to the levels of use of companies.

WhatsApp Messenger

Personal use

Has its own application
and web version

1 user
2 devices

Phone calls

No functionalities
for businesses

WhatsApp Business

Use in SMEs

Has its own application
and web version

1 user
4 devices

Phone calls

Company profile
Product catalog
Broadcast messages (limited)
Absence messages
Quick replies

WhatsApp CLOUD

Use in medium and large companies
Cost per license* and conversations

No application of its own
Needs a third party interface

Unlimited users
Unlimited devices
Unlimited phone numbers

No phone calls accepted

Company Profile
Product Catalog
Broadcast Messages
Marketing messages
Live chat through third party tools
Automations and chatbots
Integrations with any software
Data protection and security

WhatsApp Cloud - The value of conversations

The value of conversations

WhatsApp charges WhatsApp Cloud users for each conversation generated on their phone number.

Measured in fixed 24-hour sessions of a single charge.

The costs

Each WhatsApp Cloud account registered with WOZTELL will have 1000 free conversations each month.

 The first 1000 conversations monthly conversations are free

The cost of each conversation depends on the user’s country code and who initiates the conversation (user or company)

Conversations initiated with Facebook conversational ads are free of charge

The cost of each conversation will depend on the country of the user with whom the conversation is initiated.

Each country has a specific cost, being a general approximation to calculate:
6 cents for a company-initiated conversation and 4 cents for a user-initiated conversation.

Overall, if the conversation is initiated by the user, the cost will be lower than if the conversation is initiated by the company.
coste whatsapp

How to start a conversation

In WhatsApp Cloud API, it starts when the first message from a business is delivered in a conversation, either initiated by the business or in response to a message from the user.

Companies and users can exchange an unlimited number of messages, including template messages, over a 24-hour chat session without incurring additional charges.

Whatsapp - How to start a conversation

The user sends the first message

This is a conversation that is initiated in response to a user’s message.

Each time a company replies to a user within a 24-hour period, that message is associated with a conversation initiated by the user.

Companies can send unlimited messages within this period.

The company sends the first message

It is initiated when the company sends a message outside the 24h window.

To be able to reopen the session with the user, it is necessary to send a pre-approved message via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Cloud templates

Conversations initiated by the company depend on sending a direct notification to the customer, either individually or massively to a database.

These messages must be configured in advance and wait for WhatsApp to approve them.

One of the main features of WhatsApp templates is that they can be dynamic and interactive, using, for example, messages with buttons.