What is the importance of retail marketing on WhatsApp?

Let’s find out

So, what is the importance of retail marketing? Let’s start with the obvious: we live in a fast-paced world, your customers have changed the way they shop and the way they reach out to businesses.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know about retail marketing and how you can use it on WhatsApp to boost your sales.

Let’s talk about the importance of retail marketing

To understand how to use a retail marketing strategy on WhatsApp, you first need to know what retail marketing is and why it is important.
A retail business sells products and services directly to the end customer. This type of business can have physical stores, digital stores or both. And retail marketing is the actions and strategies to promote products to customers to generate awareness and sales.
While generating sales is reason enough to develop this marketing strategy, here are other reasons for the importance of retail marketing:

Connect with your customers

A retail marketing strategy is centred on the customer, not on the product.
With a retail marketing strategy, you can know your customer’s likes and dislikes, their needs and give them a better experience on their journey from the beginning. This will help you improve your relationship with them and can turn into more sales and customers returning to your business.

Motivate customers

It can also help you motivate customers to make a purchase.

Since you are with them through all the customer’s journey and you know their needs, you can recommend products and even persuade them to buy something they didn’t know they wanted. For example, you can do up-sell and cross-sell.

Make things easy for your customers

As we told you before, a retail marketing strategy is centred on the customer, so your efforts should be centred on making things easy for them. Bring the product to your customer and give them a channel where they can communicate with you.
So, in a few words, the importance of retail marketing lies in the fact that it revolves around the customer and in providing them with a better experience.

How to get started with your retail marketing strategy

Now that you know all about the importance of retail marketing, let’s talk about what your strategy should have. Every business needs a different strategy.

However, here we tell you the basics to get started.

Identify your audience

The first thing you need to do is to identify your customers, their needs and preferences.
For example, if you are selling clothes made from recycled plastic, your audience will probably be young people who are concerned about the environment. You also need to keep in mind the demographics, where they live, where they prefer to shop, etc.

One way to do this is sending a questionnaire to the customers you already have and analyzing your sales and interactions data.

Develop your brand and research about the competition

There are a lot of businesses out there looking for clients, and to get them you need to stand out. Create your narrative and values, don’t underestimate the power of a good story for your business.
It is also a good idea to know what your competence is doing. This will help you know where you stand and how to improve.

Choose the strategy that better fits your business

There are different retail marketing strategies that will vary according to the type of business you have. They can be in-store strategies (events and displays), non-store (posters or TV ads) or digital (social media and messages).

Types of retail marketing and how you can use them on WhatsApp

As we said at the beginning of this article, consumer behavior has changed. And with this is why the importance of retail marketing is bigger than ever.

According to a Google study:

  • 66% of shoppers prefer online shopping vs. 27% who prefer offline.
  • 59% of shoppers said that being able to shop on their phones influences their decision of which retailer they buy from.
  • 49% of shoppers said that their shopping experience would be better if retailers offered promotions according to their past purchases.
With WhatsApp you can engage with customers on their favorite channel and send them the information they need.

Discounts and offers

This strategy is useful to convince people to buy. You can add a limited time that can increase the sense of urgency so that people buy. 

WhatsApp Cloud API allows you to use templates to send personalized discounts and offers.


This strategy can be used in different situations.

For instance, if you are already in a WhatsApp conversation with a user, you can send them a specific catalogue that adapts to their needs. You can also create an automatization so your clients receive a selection of products every time there is a new collection.


As we told you before, the importance of retail marketing lies in the customer, so messaging is an essential strategy. This way, you can communicate with your clients in every stage of the customer journey, provide customer service, and be there for whatever they need.

WhatsApp: a great tool for retail marketing

Now that you have in mind the importance of retail marketing, let’s dive into some WhatsApp Cloud API specifics.

Awareness and consideration


You can include click-to-chat buttons in your website and social media.

Users go through multiple touch points before making a purchase, so make things easy for them by offering an easy way to talk with you.


Customer service can help you retain a customer or lose it forever. With WhatsApp Cloud API you can offer high quality customer service.


When your clients visit your webpage they will probably have some questions. They can range from opening hours to return policies.

You can create a FAQs chatbot so your clients have immediate answers to these kinds of questions.

Support on purchase phase

With WhatsApp Cloud API, you can help your customers return to their carts and finish the purchase. You can send them a notification reminding them about pending purchase and offer assistance in case they had a problem.


When the customer made the purchase, don’t just wait for them to come back!

You can create a strategy to retain that customer and remind them of the great experience they had with your business so they buy again.


We all get impatient once we make a purchase and have to wait for its arrival.

With WhatsApp Cloud API, your clients don’t have to be wondering about the arrival of their order. You can send them updates, tracking numbers, and let them know when their package finally arrives.


You can send personalized recommendations based on previous purchases. Let’s say that your customer ordered a pair of elegant pants for their work, you can send them a recommendation of blazers to complement their outfit.

Want to know more? Let´s talk via WhatsApp!

In a nutshell

The importance of retail marketing lies in the customer, giving them a great experience, and getting them the products they need.

There are endless strategies and every business must find the one that fits them, but here you have the basics of retail marketing and how you can maximize its results with WhatsApp.

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