What are WhatsApp Ads or Ads That Click to WhatsApp?

Anuncios con link a WhatsApp

In today’s digital age, where personalization and immediacy are essential for attracting and retaining customers, WhatsApp Ads emerge as a powerful tool. This feature lets you connect your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns directly to your WhatsApp Business account, enabling seamless and efficient communication with potential customers. Here’s how they work and their key benefits.

What are Ads that Link to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Ads are promotions on Facebook and Instagram that redirect users to a chat conversation within WhatsApp when clicked. These ads can appear in:
  • Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • Facebook and Instagram stories
  • Facebook Marketplace

Benefits of WhatsApp Ads

Direct Engagement

They enable real-time interaction with your potential customers, providing quick responses to their queries or personalized advice on the products featured in the ad.

Ease of Use

Customers don’t need to save their phone numbers to interact, reducing the effort and increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Targeted Communication

These ads can engage customers at every stage of the purchasing process:

  • Before the purchase: Raising awareness and consideration of products or services.
  • During the purchase: Offer direct advice and facilitate purchase decisions.
  • After the purchase: Providing customer support and nurturing loyalty programs.

Enhanced Branding

Unlike simple WhatsApp links, these ads offer greater visibility and brand recognition, helping customers remember and identify your brand.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Ads

Fulfill your promises

If your ad offers something specific, like a discount or consultation, ensure you deliver on that promise immediately when the conversation starts on WhatsApp.

Respond quickly

Provide prompt responses and keep the interaction flowing. Use chatbots for simple queries and redirect complex ones to available human agents.

Create new opportunities

Use the interaction to get customer consent for future communications and send them subscriptions, offers, and updates about your products.

How to Get Started

Implementing WhatsApp Ads in your marketing strategy is straightforward. Here are some basic steps:

Set up your WhatsApp Business account

with WhatsApp Cloud API

Create your ads on Facebook and Instagram

using Meta Ads Manager.

Add the Call-to-Action button

that directs users to your WhatsApp account

Monitor and optimize

your campaigns using tracking tools like Facebook Pixel, Conversions API, and Offline Conversions.


WhatsApp Link Ads boost your digital presence and enhance the customer experience by offering quick and personalized communication. Ready to elevate your marketing strategy? Start integrating these ads and watch your conversions and customer satisfaction soar!
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