How to use WhatsApp Broadcast Messages to sell more

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Learn how to use WhatsApp Broadcast Messages to sell more

In this webinar we will learn how to send Broadcast Messages through WhatsApp to achieve our sales objectives.
Along with the WOZTELL team of experts we will see:
  • How to prepare your database and upload it to WOZTELL to send more relevant and effective Broadcast Messages.
  • How to set up a WhatsApp template focused on getting results.
  • Types of messages that you can set up based in your objectives with examples.
  • How to send Broadcast Messages using WOZTELL and track results.
  • What happens after the campaign? Answer management: Live chat vs. Chatbot.
  • Success stories of mass messaging campaigns to get inspired.
Because our speakers are already very experienced in WhatsApp marketing, they will also tell you tips and tricks to get the most out of your WhatsApp campaigns.

At the end of the webinar, you will be able to launch your first Broadcast Messages campaign on WhatsApp and see your sales increase.

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Use WhatsApp Broadcast Messages to sell more

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