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Whitepaper: Definitive guide to WhatsApp Cloud API for Startups

Definitive guide to WhatsApp Cloud API for Startups


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Discover the two key points for you to start getting the most out of your WhatsApp number:

1º Live conversations.

WhatsApp Business Platform offers extensive possibilities for managing your communications and we want you to see what are the key points to start using it.

This time, we will use Zoho Cliq, a free messaging tool that allows you to communicate on multiple channels thanks to its integration with WOZTELL, use multiple agents and launch WhatsApp templates directly, as a chat management tool.

2º Automations.

we will introduce the 4 automations that we consider basic to start working with WhatsApp on autopilot. Focused on offering assistance to your customers and capturing new leads for your business.

We will work with free resources or resources developed by WOZTELL so you can get started after the master class without any cost!

The master class will be led by Jose Espinar, CMO at WOZTELL and will be supported by several members of the team.

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