WABA – An Ideal WhatsApp for your company

WhatsApp Business API is a cloud solution that allows you to connect your business softwares like CRM, Desk, Shopify to WhatsApp which is the preferred channel of communication for your customers. WABA allows you to break out of the limitations of Personal and Business avatars of WhatsApp and your business reaps the benefits of an all in one platform´ for conversational commerce.


Hi there my name is Taushik Mandal and I belong to the Sales Team at Woztell.

And…In this video, I will help you discover what is the ideal WhatsApp product for your company.

Currently, WhatsApp has 3 products in the market.

1 – The Personal WhatsApp – an app that helped WhatsApp establish its legacy. You and I both love to use this application to keep in touch with our friends and family and over time it has become the most personal app on our phones.

2 – To help Small and Medium enterprises chat with their customers on an official number, WhatsApp launched the ´WhatsApp Business´. With usage, businesses in the scale up phase, realized as this app is one phone, it is inundated with messages and requests are not getting addressed instantly, resulting in unhappy customers and fallen sales for ex.

3 – To overcome this, WhatsApp launched the new WhatsApp Business API which is a cloud solution and as the name suggests, the API allows to “hook” multiple softwares to WhatsApp and at the same time retain its user experience. In this Avatar, WhatsApp is no longer a personal WhatsApp or limited to one phone and we can then have.

  • Multiple agents on one number
  • Connect WhatsApp to CRM or Desk
  • Add a chatbot to provide 24/7 service
  • Apply automation for messaging and so on..

So WhatsApp now becomes an enterprise level communication tool and you benefit from the power Instant Messaging at your disposal.

To learn more about WABA, write to us on Whatsapp to book a demo session, using this link. The information and the changes you seek are just a WhatsApp message away.

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