How to use WhatsApp links in your website

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How to  convert your leads into sales with WhatsApp and Zoho
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In the last post, we introduce you to WhatsApp direct links. Now, that you know these links, we will tell you how to use them.

The updates on your website are very crucial when you start to use WOZTELL in your company, because, in this way, you can get the most of the tool by informing your clients that you use WhatsApp Business to contact them. You will have to change your web strategy so that visitors can interact with your company through WhatsApp just through a single click. Remember, the link structure is the following:>YourWhatsAppNumber

Real example:

You can also use link to whatsapp and create your own link to WhatsApp

Here, we’ll show you the sections that you should update in your website:

Contact Page

Normally, users who visit the contact page is because they want to contact your company proactively. Therefore, it is best to make it as easy as possible so that they do not end up getting tired and leaving your website. Currently, WhatsApp is the means of communication that we use the most, therefore, what is better than to invite our leads, in a very visual way, to contact us through WhatsApp.
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With a single click, they can be sending a WhatsApp message to your company from their own WhatsApp, which could be a mobile app or WhatsApp web, and you will have this message directly stored in your CRM so as not to lose traceability in the communications of your agents.

Floating button throughout the Web

The floating button is the one that is showed through all the sections of your website that you want. We recommend placing this button visible throughout your website so that the visitor can contact you at any time quickly and easily.

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Web footer

The footer is in the bottom of a web, where important links and contact us usually appear. It is advisable to insert a button with a WhatsApp direct link to contact your company.
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Landing Pages

Landing Pages are well optimised for converting visitors into Prospective Clients.
An option to optimise the conversion rate of your website with WhatsApp is to add a button with a predetermined message to understand that this contact comes from the previous mention page.
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Within content marketing, one of the essential marketing strategies is to use Calls to Action.
One of these calls to action may be a button that invites you to contact by WhatsApp, either to purchase a product or to consult a specific question.

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