How to integrate WhatsApp and ZOHO Cliq

In this tutorial we are going to explain step by step how to integrate WOZTELL with ZOHO Cliq and thus be able to manage channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or the chat of your website from ZOHO Cliq.

To be able to perform this tutorial we will need:

A free or paid WOZTELL account (if you don’t have one yet you can create it here).

A ZOHO account with access to Cliq.

It is recommended to have prepared the channels you want to integrate into ZOHO Cliq in WOZTELL before starting the tutorial.

Let’s get started!


STEP 1: Enable the WOZTELL extension

First, we will connect our ZOHO account with access to ZOHO Cliq.
Let’s click on the following link (direct access to the extension installer):

This will open a new window asking us to install WOZTELL extension for Zoho Cliq. We will click on “Install”.

Zoho Marketplalce
When the extension is installed, we will then see the page pictured below. We will click on the “Take me to Cliq” button.
Tutorial: cómo integrar WOZTELL y ZOHO Cliq - 1
We will then be taken to Cliq. For the next step, in the left hand side bar, near the bottom, we will search and click on “Widgets”.
Tutorial: cómo integrar WOZTELL y ZOHO Cliq - 1
We will be asked to grant WOZTELL access to our account information. Then, we will check the box “Grant all permissions to WOZTELL extension” and click “Proceed to allow”.
In the next step we will see this page (below), and click on “Settings”.
We will reach this page. If you do not get redirected automatically, click on “click me!”
We will be taken to the WOZTELL Platform to click on the “Get” button.
A window will appear to install the extension. We will just have to click on “Install”.
Once we have installed the extension, we will be redirected to the integrations page. It will look like this (pictured below). We will just have to click on the extension to accept the Zoho OAuth connector.
We will reach this page. If you do not get redirected automatically, click on “click me!”
Lastly, we will click on Accept and that is the last step. We have successfully installed the Zoho Cliq extension!
Zoho Cliq Integration
Now, we can go to the next step to configure your extension.

STEP 2: configure ZOHO Cliq

To continue, and already inside ZOHO Cliq, we will click on “WIDGETS” and we will give permission to the WOZTELL extension.

Once the permissions have been updated, we will have the option to activate all the channels already enabled in our WOZTELL account.

configurar ZOHO Cliq

Click on the “Not connected” button to connect the channel and have it enabled in ZOHO Cliq.

In each one of the channels that we connect, we will have to define the control team and the agent team.

The control team is the one enabled to receive the incoming conversations from the clients.

The agent team is the one enabled to be assigned to these conversations once they have been initiated.

After enabling the channels, the configuration in ZOHO Cliq would look like this:

configurar ZOHO Cliq

STEP 3: manage conversations

Once the configuration is completed, we will be ready to start receiving and sending messages in the channels configured through ZOHO Cliq.

We will be able to determine the incoming channel easily thanks to the icons that appear in the upper left corner of the conversations, as well as in each of the messages.

We will know when a client talks to us or when we have answered, even if it is one of our bots that answers, it will be reflected in the conversation.

Among the features of ZOHO Cliq, we will be able to invite different agents to the conversations, since each conversation is treated as a channel, and they can interact with the client indistinctly.

Remember that in order to communicate with the client, we will have to use the command “/w” before the answer we want to give to the client. If we do not use it, then we will talk internally in the channel with the rest of the agents invited to the channel.

configurar ZOHO Cliq

And with this we already have WOZTELL integrated and working with ZOHO Cliq.

We hope this small tutorial has been helpful and will help you get the most out of channels like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram with ZOHO Cliq.