New feature tutorial: How to create audiences from Zoho CRM for sending WhatsApp broadcast messages

The goal of CRM is to help you build higher quality business relationships, improve customer satisfaction and increase your sales. And now you can do it more efficiently with this integration.

You can export contacts and leads from Zoho CRM to WOZTELL and automatically create an audience to send WhatsApp broadcast messages.

In this step-by-step tutorial we will see how to use the new functionality of the integration between WOZTELL and Zoho CRM to create audiences to sendWhatsApp broadcast messages

1. Update WOZTELL extension in Zoho CRM

Actualizar extensión de WOZTELL

In order to use the new WOZTELL functionality for Zoho CRM, the first thing we have to do is to update the extension in the Zoho CRM marketplace.

Search for WOZTELL in the installed extensions and click on “Settings”.


In the options window we will be able to see if we have the latest version or we need to update the WOZTELL extension for Zoho CRM.

2. Go to the “Leads” or “Contacts” tab

pestaña leads

The extension works from the “Leads” and “Contacts” tab of Zoho CRM.

 3. Select the leads or contacts to which you want to send the broadcast messages


Within Zoho CRM we will select the leads we want to send our broadcast messages to.

We can use any filter in Zoho CRM to segment the audience. 

Zoho CRM limits and recommendations:

  • Due to Zoho CRM’s own functionality, we can only select 100 records per page, so we recommend expanding the view to 100 records per page.
  • From Zoho CRM, we can select by browsing pages up to 5 full pages of records, giving a total of 500 records selected at a time. Zoho does not allow selecting more than 500 records at a time.
  • If we want to export more than 500 records, we will have to do it in several phases of 500 at a time.

Once you have selected the entire audience (or the first 500), click on the “Create WOZTELL audience” menu button.

4. Audience creation interface

Interfaz creacion audiencias

Once we click on the button to create audiences, the menu for exporting them to the platform will be displayed.

The first thing we will have to do is select the phone number to which we are going to link the audience. In case we only have one number associated to our WOZTELL account, it will be selected automatically.

The pop-up window will show us:

  1. Contacts that will be imported successfully
  2. The contacts that are duplicated and will not be imported
  3. The contacts that we have defined in CRM as unsubscribed from WhatsApp and that will not be imported
  4. The contacts that do not have a complete phone number field and are not suitable for WhatsApp sending

5. Tag selection and audience creation


Once we understand how the pop-up window works, we will need to move on to configuring the audience we are going to create.

First of all, we will assign a custom tag to the audience. This will be the tag that will identify the audience and the one we will use to be able to add new contacts later on.

Secondly, we will check the “Create an audience” box so that this audience linked to the selected tag will be created in WOZTELL.

We will only check the “Create an audience” option the first time we create a new audience, if we want to export new contacts to an audience, we will only need to add the same tag.

When we are ready, click on the “Import & create” button and we will be redirected to our WOZTELL account.

 6. WOZTELL audience creation


Once we click on the “Import & create” button, WOZTELL will open, specifically the “Push” tab.

There we will have pre-designed the audience that we have exported from CRM.

The audience will always have the name: “Audience with the tag: tag selected in CRM”.

 We will only need to add a description and click on “Save” to save the audience.


Please, always check that the entire import has been successfully completed in the WOZTELL notification bell at the bottom right of the interface.

7. Check that the audience has been created correctly


Once the audience has been created, we can check that it was imported correctly by clicking on the “Estimate Size” button.

On rare occasions, the number will appear slightly larger due to system cache, we will just have to clear the cache to see it correctly. This enlarged size does not affect when sending the push message.

Member list

We can also check the imported contacts by clicking on the “Member List” tab.

 8. Push message sending


Once the audience has been imported, we will be able to send our push messages normally.

9. Broadening the audience


If we want to expand the audience, we only have to go back to the leads or contacts tab, select the contacts we want to add and click again on the audience creation button.


In this case, we will only have to add the tag we have used previously and click on the “Import” button.


Within WOZTELL, the same audience will be reopened and, automatically, those new leads will have been added to the audience.

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Click here to read the full documentation written by our team of developers.

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