In this tutorial we are going to explain step by step how to integrate WOZTELL with ZOHO CRM and thus be able to manage leads and contacts from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or your website chat from ZOHO CRM.

To be able to perform this tutorial we will need:

– A free or paid WOZTELL account (if you don’t have one yet you can create it here).

– A ZOHO account with access to CRM.

Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Enable the WOZTELL extension

We will connect our ZOHO account with access to ZOHO CRM.

Click on the following link (direct access to the extension installer):

A new window will open asking us to integrate the WOZTELL Platform. We will click on “I have agreed to the terms of service”, along with the: “I authorize WOZTELL Platform to access and process my data as required.” After checking the boxes, we will click on continue.
The next step is to check the box “Install for all users”, and then click on confirm.
Step 1_2 platform
After clicking confirm we will be redirected to the page below. Now, we will have to click on the settings button in the top right hand corner.
Once we click on it, we will be taken to this page. If you are not redirected click on the “click me!” link.
We will be taken to the WOZTELL Platform CRM integration page. Here, we will click on the “Get” button.
This will open up a smaller window and we will click on the install button.
After completing the installation, we will be redirected to the WOZTELL Platform integrations page. We will click on the extension to accept the Zoho OAuth connector.
If successful, we will now see this page. If you do not get redirected automatically, click on “click me!”
We will click on Accept and that is the last step done. We have successfully installed the Zoho CRM extension!


Once the installation is finished, we will be able to access the configuration screen, where we can define the predefined format for the phone numbers and channels we want to connect to CRM.

This configuration screen can be found in the Zoho Marketplace tab and, within it, in the installed applications tab.

configurar zoho crm

The first thing we will do is set the default format of the phone numbers in the most frequent country in our database.

We will define the most common prefix (by selecting the country) and the length in digits of the phone number.

In our example, we select the prefix of Spain and 9 digits as the default length. Click on “SAVE” to save.

This configuration is for ZOHO CRM to recognize WhatsApp numbers.

For phones that are not from the default country, we will have to save them in international format.

configurar zoho crm
We will do this by going to the “Manage” column and clicking on “Connect/Disconnect”.
configurar zoho crm
Once a channel is activated, and as long as it is WhatsApp, we can automate the creation of new leads or contacts.

Click on “Settings” and within “Unknown conversations” we can select how we want these new contacts to be added to our Zoho CRM.

configurar zoho crm
The “First conversation message” section will allow us to define the automated welcome message we want for each of the channels.
configurar zoho crm

STEP 3: manage conversations in ZOHO CRM

Once the installation is finished we will be able to perform several actions in Zoho CRM.

The specific functionalities of Zoho CRM are:

  • Crear nuevos contactos y leads automáticamente
  • Empezar una conversación de WhatsApp directamente en CRM.
  • Comprueba y gestiona el Opt-out de clientes de WhatsApp.
  • Configura un mensaje de bienvenida en cada canal.
  • Enviar plantillas de WhatsApp.
    In addition, with WOZTELL you will be able to:
  • Manage conversations on channels such as WhatsApp Cloud API, Facebook and Instagram or e-commerce platforms and webchats.
  • Send push notifications on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Quickly assist your customers through a 24/7 chatbot that responds to all your messages.
  • Manage your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or webchat conversations using your own communication platform such as Zoho Cliq.