The effects of coronavirus on your business and how having WhatsApp integrated into your CRM with WOZTELL will help you a lot.

In this article, you’ll read about how the coronavirus will impact on your company and the solutions that the market has to face in this difficult health situation. The coronavirus is spreading around the world and the World Health Organization has already confirmed that as a pandemic. The world economy is already suffering the consequences of such a plague and therefore the people of the world are suffering major changes in their daily basis.

Depending on the countries of the world, preventive measures are being taken so that the disease can be stopped from spreading. At the level of companies, distance working or teleworking is being used to prevent more people from becoming infected. While telecommuting is already a widespread practice worldwide, the coronavirus has precipitated a massive situation where millions of people have been sent home to work from there.

The effects of coronavirus on your business. One of the solutions that companies have to keep their business running is to have communication systems and customer relationship software.

WhatsApp is already used worldwide for communications with customers, suppliers, internal communications, and many more. WOZTELL is the software that helps you to integrate WhatsApp into your CRM and from there manage all the relationships with customers, leads, suppliers, etc.

Remote work is much easier for companies with WOZTELL because you can develop multiple tasks without the need for an office presence. You can even automate tasks through chatbots. These chatbots allow you to set up answers to frequently asked questions and save more time than it’s expected. Your business agents will receive the leads filtered by the chatbots. The data and communications are all recorded. This allows you to analyze the data, study and develop it in your new business strategies.

Although this is impossible to apply to all companies in any economic sector, it is possible to apply it in almost all companies. At least not to have a totally closed activity. For example, a travel agency will surely have many problems during this health situation. But it would be worse if it could not even attend to consultations and continue with customer relations. That is, it would be worse if it had its doors closed because of the coronavirus.

Effect of coronavirus: educational institutions.

With WOZTELL you can integrate WhatsApp communications to your CRM and have a relationship with students and parents or customers intact. Classes and courses can be made available remotely and with WOZTELL you have a quality tool to keep everything working in the best way.

The coronavirus pandemic can be an opportunity for companies to upgrade their way of performing their actions and communications. Those customers who only accept to hire your services if you access a face-to-face meeting, now are only forced to have a remote meeting. You will show them that this type of meeting is equal or better than doing it physically. With WOZTELL, you will get more benefits from this type of remote communication with your clients. You can let your clients know that, thanks to the communication with WOZTELL, you will be able to improve the service you offer them.

This is because you will be able to analyze all the services thanks to the records and with this, you will be able to be a better provider. There is no doubt that the world is facing a great challenge with the pandemic we are suffering. What was a global trend on remote work now, for health reasons has had to be implemented massively. There are companies that were already prepared for this because they had already implemented the necessary changes for remote work. Now you have the opportunity to be at the forefront and implement WOZTELL in your CRM.

You will see how in a short period of time you can improve your communications with clients, leads and human resources in your organization. It is a tool that you can apply to your commercial department, marketing, logistics, customer service, and so on.

See all the features you have with WOZTELL here. If you need more information about WOZTELL, just contact us and soon an advisor will be able to help you. You have already seen the effects of coronavirus on your company and how WOZTELL can be a solution to integrate WhatsApp into your business CRM. Now, get started to alleviate this health crisis and move forward with your business.