The difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp

Let’s talk about WhatsApp.

The messaging app is among the most popular for users around the world. The number, last we knew, is around 2 billion users.

However, some companies fail to see the potential it has for their communications. Or don’t know about it yet.

This is because we’re not talking about the personal app you use to talk with your family and friends.

We are talking about WhatsApp Business Platform and we are going to explain the differences between all the different types of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and Zoho

How does WhatsApp Business Platform API work

WhatsApp Business Platform is not an app per se, but rather a programming interface.

In simpler terms, it is an extra layer that you add to one of your Messaging Solutions (Cliq, Microsoft Teams, Slack) to manage your WhatsApp conversations.

You manage your conversations on your preferred messaging software while your customers reach you as they would contact their friends to have a chat.

Focused on delivering high quality experiences, there are two types of messages:

  • User initiated message: the user contacts a business and the conversation develops in a window of 24h. There is no limit or cost to these types of sessions.
  • Business-initiated messages: a message outside the 24h window. They’re based on message templates and have to be approved by WhatsApp.

Know more about business messages here.

The highlight of the Platform are the interactive templates. With a wide range of options from Shipping Updates to Appointment Updates.

Automating the responses and making them dynamic will greatly impact the flow of your conversations and save up time and effort for your agents.

A combination of both the user-initiated and business-initiated messages makes the difference when it comes to how a business communicates with its customers.

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WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business vs WhatsApp Business Platform

For a clear representation of the differences between the 3 types of WhatsApp, we have prepared this detailed table:

INFRAESTRUCTURE Infraestructure Personal phone Personal phone Company server or cloud
Cost Free app Free app Contract with a Business Provider like WOZTELL
Integrations No No Yes
Chatbots No No Yes
Verified account No No Green check possible
Copyright At risk At risk Protected
Notifications Manual marketing messages allowed Manual marketing messages allowed Most marketing messages are allowed following the policies
Calling Voice and video-calls Voice and video-calls No
Shops No Button to FB shops available No
Payments No Pilots on Brazil and India No native payments now
Groups Yes Yes No
Catalogue Yes Yes No
Storefront No Yes Yes
Auto response No Yes Yes, and customized
Office hours No Yes, on profile Yes, on profile
Status Yes Yes Yes
Interactive messages No No Yes

By using the WhatsApp Business Platform, you get the most secure and reliable version for your business. You will be able to get the famous green check while protecting your copyright.

The automations and integrations increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Use a chatbot and a CRM to control all the information and the status of your business opportunities.

If you want all of this for you (and for free!) hurry up and sign up to WOZTELL.

Why WhatsApp Business Platform is perfect for your business

After seeing the table you may be tempted to go with one of the free options.

So, if that is your case and you need a few more reasons to finally jump on the WhatsApp Business Platform train, we are ready to give them to you.

The table illustrates the different functionalities, but now, we are going to focus on other aspects.

Let’s talk about the impact it will have on the different areas that relate to your communications.

Marketing and Sales

Using WhatsApp for marketing can be its own topic (and it will be!). In the meantime, let’s go over some of the benefits of using WhatsApp for marketing.

To put it into context, 80% of adults surveyed in 2020 agreed that:

Messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate with a business.

This quote illustrates the change in communication tendencies: from intrusive phone calls and slow e-mail responses to prompt conversations in a messaging app.

You can use WhatsApp to share more information about your product or services:

  • Enable a button on your webpage or a link on other social media platforms
  • Add a WhatsApp button to your Facebook Ads
  • Interactive templates to give and alert updates, shipping and ticket updates among others
  • Implement a chatbot of Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp perfectly integrates with marketing strategies that recognize the power of communications.

Join the thousands of businesses that use WhatsApp to sell more.

Customer Support

The core of customer support, as its name suggests, is to communicate with customers.

So, what better place to do it than the platform that so many people already use?

WhatsApp Business Platform allows businesses to create a smooth customer experience, as well as allowing the support team to do their work better than ever.

  • Team work: up to thousands of agents can work with WhatsApp Business Platform.
  • Automations: create communication flows that answer your customers quickly and make them feel heard.
  • Interactive messaging: to provide issue resolutions or even ticket updates.

Customer Retention

One phase that some businesses tend to omit is the customer retention step.

Creating long-lasting relations with clients should always be on your mind. After all the effort that goes into acquiring a customer, it’s worth it to make their experience so good that they come back.

WhatsApp Business Platform is the tool that you want to use for this strategy.

Get feedback, send them recommendations based on their purchases… be there to hear what they have to say about you.

When you make it easier for your customers, it will make an impact on your results and their customer fidelity.

To wrap it up

WhatApp Business Platform is not the future of communications, it’s the present.

There are thousands of companies of all sizes around the world that already benefit from using it.

Are you ready to use WhatsApp Business Platform and WOZTELL to boost your conversations and results?

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