WhatsApp Ads + Assistant GPT + Lead Nurturing in 3 Messages

WhatsApp Ads + Assistant GPT + Lead Nurturing in 3 Messages

This template is ideal for you if you run ads that direct to WhatsApp, Instagram DM, or Facebook Messenger. It combines the power of immediate attention with GPT assistants plus a series of messages for Lead Nurturing after the first interaction.

What do you need to activate this flow?

  • Active campaigns in Facebook Business Manager.
  • A paid account on WOZTELL.
  • A paid account on OpenAI.

What can you do with this exclusive WOZTELL Chatbot Template?

1. Campaign Assignment:

Use this template to assign specific campaigns through the Facebook Ads Campaign ID or generically manage all conversations generated from your Facebook Business Manager campaigns. Handle all interactions efficiently.

2. GPT Assistant:

Activate a ChatGPT assistant to respond immediately to your customers on WhatsApp, Instagram DM, or Facebook Messenger. All you need is the Assistant ID and API Code from your OpenAI account.

3. Lead Nurturing:

Activate a series of Lead Nurturing messages at 24, 48, and 72 hours to share key messages using WhatsApp Cloud templates. You can also send this series of messages via Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

In order to install the template, you need a free WOZTELL account. Do you want us to configure this template for you? Create a free account and request an onboarding.

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