Let’s see the advantages you have with WhatsApp Business analytics and you’ll add to this the differentiation of WOZTELL. The latter will provide you with not only the features of WhatsApp for companies, but also you may have many more functions to get all data done. For instance, you can measure business opportunities in real-time, among many other possibilities.

As you know, the study of business data is of great importance for the development of marketing campaigns. In addition, you can analyse data on sales, customer service, logistics, and many more! Shortly, this data allows you to evaluate how a company is doing concerning its brand image and as regards numbers of its sales and marketing actions.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Analytics in your CRM 

  • WhatsApp Business has several features that are used with the idea of improving a company’s business strategies. It is good to be able to learn about these features and thus make the most of them.
  • WhatsApp Business is a superb means of communication as it is effortless to approach customers and leads. Nowadays, there is so much competition in the market that any differential function that is there, helps you in your commercial strategy. You must carry out everything that helps you sell more.
  • With this tool, you can integrate the fixed telephone lines to the WhatsApp account. This means that whether you don’t have WOZTELL or WhatsApp for Business, you will have an easier integration.

One of the main features: provide quicker answers to your customers.

  • You can maintain the answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions and use them for the new ones coming in. Even though, there are chatbots, you can use these answers and thus provide customer service even when your business is closed or unstaffed.
  • It’s a way to provide good service, filter queries, save incoming contacts and optimise resources. The agents will receive the filtered queries and it will not be necessary to have human resources for that first contact with leads. You can even create workflows to guide leads to the purchase of a product and have a whole automated sales process.
  • By having a profile company on WhatsApp, and having everything integrated into the CRM, you not only have the ability to have everything integrated, and making the job easier. It also improves your company’s image and gives the customer a serious and reliable image. They can see in your profile your business data such as name, address, phone number, website, email and type of business.

WhatsApp for Business performs validation of each business and thus ensures that the companies exist.

  • Another feature to keep in mind on the enterprise version of WhatsApp is the availability of various content to share with users. This makes it possible to share texts, pictures, videos, and many more!
  • It is also possible to form groups and thus segment customers and leads.
  • In addition to the immediacy that is achieved in sending messages you can know if it has been sent, received, read or viewed and thus have statistics. With WOZTELL these statistics are even more complete.
  • WhatsApp Web already gave the possibility to see directly on screen the messages and manage the communications. But with WOZTELL the advantage is that you don’t have to be leaving one tab to enter another. You have everything in your ZOHO’s CRM.
  • Besides, it is good to be able to communicate with your customers and leads. This tool allows you to communicate internally in your business. Interactions are possible in multiple ways and in various directions.  Through this, different departments can communicate with each other and participate directly in other ones. Communications become more fast and workflows are optimized.

As we said before, being able to analyze and measure the impact of certain marketing and sales actions as well as other business sectors is fundamental.

What WOZTELL gives you to improve every aspect of your business is not WhatsApp Business. Only the integration of WhatsApp Business in your CRM thanks to WOZTELL will give you valuable data. The analysis of the statistics in your business thanks to WOZTELL allows you to improve your strategies in order to sell more, grow and improve customer retention. With the goal of looking the features that WOZTELL has, take a look at this post: WOZTELL’s features and advantages in your business.

If you want to know more about how WOZTELL can help you improve your business with the most complete statistics of your WhatsApp for Business integrated into your CRM, contact us. A consultant will explain to you how to start taking advantage of this excellent tool.

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