Tags in WhatsApp Business integrated into ZOHO’s CRM are very helpful. Please note that with WOZTELL, ZOHO’s CRM also has labels similar to those on WhatsApp. So, besides having everything to handle in one place, with WOZTELL you have the power and extended WhatsApp tools.

The importance of using tags in ZOHO CRM

What is the purpose of WhatsApp tags in ZOHO CRM?

They are very useful for organising messages and chats, which means that you’ll be able to find any message and communication easily. It is possible to make labels with different colours. These labels can be added to entire chats or within specific chat messages.

Tags in WhatsApp Business. How do you apply the tags?

Step by step:

You must hold down a chat or message.

Then tap on Labels.

Add a new or existing tag.

You can design up to a total of twenty tags.

How can you find the content that is tagged?

You have to go to the chat tab. Then go to More options, Tags and tap on the tag.

In order to see the tags that are associated with a chat, you need to go to the Chats tab. Tap on the profile picture of the contact you want or a group icon. You’ll see all the tags that are associated with that chat.

How you can manage your WhatsApp tags

With the purpose of doing this, you just need to go to the chat tab. Then you go to More Options, and after that Labels. When you are in Labels you will be able to perform several actions on the elements that are labeled.

To perform these actions on the items that are tagged go to Tags and tap on one. You have to keep pressed the chosen element. Select a certain action in the upper bar. It can be, for example, remove tags or edit. You can also choose a colour and add it to the label. When two tags are added to the same chat in different colours, they will appear one above the other. The most recent tag will be displayed.

To remove a tag you must tap on the tag itself. Then go to more options and click on remove tag.

To create a new diffusion list you only need to touch the tag. Then go to more options and send messages to customers.
From a Label, you can create broadcast lists for any contacts you want from the Labels.

Tags in WhatsApp Business. How can you create mailing lists?

Open the WhatsApp Business application. Click on More options and then on Labels. Select a label from which you want to make a diffusion list. Then click on More options and send messages to customers. Touch the green button to confirm. This is the one located in the lower right corner of the screen, and there you can write the message to be sent.

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In a nutshell, using tags in WhatsApp Business integrated with ZOHO’s CRM will make your life easier.

You will be able to manage your business profiles more easily. You can configure up to 20 different labels that you can customise like colours for example. Through this, you will have, for example, a group of labels with a certain colour according to, for example, the type of conversation or theme.

As explained above, you can control all these tags from the menu. Customise tag names, colours, mark conversations as pending or finished, and so on. Start taking advantage of this app within ZOHO’s CRM from now on. You will surely not regret taking this important step to improve your business communications.

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